Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Humans, Hiroto's Bullies
Personal Status
Status Dead
First Appearance
Manga 110. Supernatural Phenomenon
Final Appearance
Movie Actor/Actress

Akagi is first seen in Hiroto Sakurai's class as one of his bullies.

Appearance Edit

Akagi is tall with long hair up to the neck, split to the sides. It has small earrings on both ears.

Personality Edit

He is a delinquent student who practices wrong acts. An example of this is Akagi and his friends have harassed Hiroto.

Before Edit

He is seen in Hiroto Sakurai's class walking past some girls with his friends after which one of them apparently touched one of their asses. At some point he and his group began to molest Hiroto and possibly fucked the boy.


Dinosaur Alien Mission ArcEdit

He is seen in Hiroto's class with his friends on the side when boy decided to return. Akagi staring at Hiroto and in the gap the pull by the collar of the shirt, taking him together with his friends to the bathroom. There they try to decide whether to force Hiroto to perform their sexual fantasies again until they are surprised by coach Nagao. Then Akagi orders Hiroto to suck the teacher, pressing his head against the genitals; The Sakurai staring at him and starting to feel a sharp headache that led to his death.

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