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Barfing Man
Barfing Man
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Humans
Personal Status
Status Unknown
First Appearance
Manga 001. An Incident
Final Appearance
English Ted Pfister
Movie Actor/Actress

The Barfing Man is seen lifting up the Drunk Homeless Bum on the platform.


Onion Alien MissionEdit

When Masaru Kato jumps on the subway tracks he is seen contemplating to help. When Kei Kurono jumps down to help and they bring the bum to the platform, he is the one who pulls the bum on the platform. He watches them running away from the subway and as their bodies are ripped apart, the sight of the incident causes him to start vomiting. When the bum wakes up, he is the on who informs him about the sacrifice the two teenagers just made for him. The bum just shrugs him off and walks away.

Later he is seen giving a report of events to a police officer, dumbfounded like everyone else at the station, about how the bodies of Kei and Kato just disappeared.

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