Feeling Superior
Gantz 06x12 -070- chapter cover
Chapter Information
Chapter 70
Page length 18 pages
Release date May 17, 2002 (tankōbon format)
Arc Buddhist Temple Alien Mission Arc
Chapter Guide
Cornered Rats
Even a Buddha's Face...

Feeling Superior (選民意識, Senmin Ishiki) is the 70th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

Cover PageEdit

An unknown girl in full body Gantz Suit sitting down on her legs. She has very long light-coloured hair of which parts are tied together. She is cute and innocent looking.


The chapter begins with the male passerby from the previous chapter walking around the ruined temple, unable to see the aliens or the hunters before experiencing confusion due to him randomly hitting alien corpses.

It then cuts to Masaru Kato who is attempting to give the invisibility device to Kei Kishimoto and telling her to go hide, despite her objections. He then tells Kei Kurono that they will need to work together in order to defeat the giant Buddha Alien, but Kurono firmly opposes him, stating that he isn't normal and will be able to do it even if others can't. It then transitions to Tomashiro Jiro who is being strangled by a Buddha alien before Juzo Togo shoots it dead with his X-Gun. He similarly saves Yuta Kondo after he is surrounded by four Buddha aliens.

Back to Masaru and the others, the former sees the male passerby as he walks through the temple courtyard. The giant Buddha alien is close behind, however, and even though Kurono objects, saying that the man is none of their concern, Masaru jumps forward to save him and the chapter ends with Masaru, Masanobu Hojo and Sadayo Suzumura underneath the Buddha alien's foot.

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