Gantz 08x07 -089- chapter cover
Chapter Information
Chapter 89
Page length 17 pages
Release date January 17, 2003 (tankōbon format)
Arc Buddhist Temple Alien Mission Arc
Chapter Guide
The Meaning Of Victory

Brother (弟, Otōto) is the 90th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

Cover PageEdit

Masaru Kato and Ayumu Kato in their casual clothes walking an empty street at night talking with each other while carrying groceries.


The chapter begins with Masaru Kato looking at the presumably deceased yet still standing Kannon in shock, after cutting off its head and all of its arms in the previous chapter. He begins crying and shouts that he and Kei Kurono will be going back soon, however, the alien doesn't fall over and instead thrusts its pointed tail towards Masaru. He attempts to catch the tail midair and successfully does so, however, due to his broken suit and only having a single arm, the alien successfully pierces Masaru through the heart, at which point Masaru's brother, Ayumu Kato, is seen getting out of his futon and walking out of his room.

The alien pulls its tail from Masaru's chest and slumps over dead. Massive amounts of blood spurt from Masaru's wound as he collapses onto his knees, while simultaneously Ayumu runs out of their aunt, Chikako Matsura's house, and runs towards Masaru's apartment. He begins pounding on Masaru's door and calling for his brother, but Masaru simply lies dying at the temple, begging to God for something.

Masaru's apartment neighbor tells Ayumu that no one lives there, causing tears to stream down his face as he runs away into the rain. Masaru continues to bleed out onto the temple floor, and the chapter ends with a single person being teleported into the Gantz room.

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