Transfer Student
Gantz 08x10 -092- chapter cover
Chapter Information
Chapter 92
Page length 16 pages
Release date January 17, 2003 (tankōbon format)
Arc Shorty Alien Mission Arc
Chapter Guide
Sexual Harassment?
The Black Ball's Room

Transfer Student (転校生, Tenkōsei) is the 92th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

Cover PageEdit

We see two of Kurono's Schoolmates in their uniform on the cover. One of them is the Ryouko we actually meet in this chapter and an Unknown Male Student from the Cover of Chapter 92 who might also be a transfer student, just like her and Shion Izumi. They are surrounded by the school's scenery.


Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Arc NavigationEdit

Buddhist Temple Alien Mission Arc
and the
Kill Kei Kurono Mission Arc (filler)
Shorty Alien Mission Arc Dinosaur Alien Mission Arc
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