Gantz 09x10 -104- chapter cover
Chapter Information
Chapter 104
Page length 17 pages
Release date May 19, 2003 (tankōbon format)
Arc Shorty Alien Mission Arc
Chapter Guide
Absent-Minded > Insecure
The Final Target

Justice (正義, Seigi) is the 104th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

Cover PageEdit

Tae Kojima is seen in soft suit lingerie and an open white blouse outfit. She is also wearing soft suit gloves while smiling and holding an x-gun in her hand. From the top down we can see her boobs which are barely covered by her top piece, next we see her holding up her gloved hands and an X-gun. Further down we see a special cameltoe string and a x-gun holster for her x-gun.


Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Arc NavigationEdit

Buddhist Temple Alien Mission Arc
and the
Kill Kei Kurono Mission Arc (filler)
Shorty Alien Mission Arc Dinosaur Alien Mission Arc
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