Gantz 10x07 -113- chaper cover
Chapter Information
Chapter 113
Page length 18 pages
Release date August 19, 2003 (tankōbon format)
Arc Dinosaur Alien Mission Arc
Chapter Guide
Scene of Torture

Murder (殺人, Satsujin) is the 113th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

Cover PageEdit

Tonkotsu is seen with an X-Gun pressed against the back of her head, her left hand raised and wearing a small bikini which only partially covers her large breasts.


The chapter begins with Akagi pushing Hiroto Sakurai's head against Mr Nagao's genitals, attempting to force Hiroto to give the teacher fellatio. Hiroto stubbornly refuses, although the teacher reaches orgasm regardless, and Hiroto uses his powers to burst a blood vessel in Akagi's brain, causing him to grab his head in pain before he stumbles to the other end of the bathroom and dies. After this, Hiroto causes Mr Nagao's penis to bleed uncontrollably, Nagao screaming and clutching his penis as blood pools in his hand and in large drops beneath him. Hiroto then turns to look at another unknown bully, who asks him what he is trying to do, at which point Hiroto causes him to have a heart attack, resulting in the bully clutching his chest and keeling over as he gasps in pain before quickly dying.

Turning to Oda, the last remaining bully in the bathroom, Hiroto stares him down, seemingly about to use his powers, but Oda quickly punches him several times, beating Hiroto to the ground when he is seemingly about to use his powers once again. Oda then kneels over him and starts to beat him savagely, punching him in the face several times. He stops, however, once Hiroto raises his hand, either due to Hiroto using his powers on him directly or simply due to the threat of him doing so. Oda attempt to beg for his life, saying that he gives up and that Hiroto is stronger than him, but Hiroto crushes his heart regardless, closing his fist and causing Oda to slouch over as tears form in his eyes. Oda falls onto Hiroto, lifeless, and the latter exits the bathroom with the bully on lookout seemingly oblivious to what happened inside.

Hiroto is them seen inside his classroom where some students are gossiping about the events that transpired in the bathroom, and the chapter ends with Hiroto's teacher stating that the police have some questions for him.

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