The December issue of Shueisha’s Miracle Jump magazine will be featuring news that Hiroya Oku’s Gantz manga will be receiving a “full 3DCG” animated film in 2016.[1]

The official site now says the animated film will be released on Friday 10/14/2016 in Japan.

『GANTZ O』特報00:36


The translation of the YouTube text under the video is:

Smash hit comic by Hiroya Oku depicting the fierce mortal combat with alien of human beings and the mystery of the supposed to be dead "GANTZ". Episode "Osaka Hen" boasts a particularly popular among them is restarted at full 3DCG animation. The general director and "TIGER & BUNNY", "Saint Seiya Legend of Sanctuary" and the like, live-action film, Keiichi Sato, who has worked on the director of such animated film is, is to coach Japan's first full 3DCG blockbuster "APPLESEED" in Kawamura worked on the CG director Tai is responsible. Not only the anime such as "ONE PIECE FILM GOLD" in the screenplay "Strawberry Night," "LIAR GAME" and much more dense and serious masterpiece worked was Tsutomu Kuroiwa is a fierce battle in the live-action work, and a personality full of characters who draw. And, animation production, Digital Frontier to produce a number of blockbuster regardless of the genre of live action-animation in charge of the VFX of the live-action version of "GANTZ" series. Give the production team of rich culture and state-of-the-art technology, GANTZ concentration 300% of the SF survival action blockbuster.

Finally age has caught up to the "GANTZ" of Hiroya Oku. Mortal combat and startle the video revolution of the human VS heinous-intense "specter corps" unfolds in the city of Osaka, whether witness! !

[STAFF] Original: Hiroya Oku General Director: Keiichi Sato Director: Yasushi Kawamura Screenplay: Tsutomu Kuroiwa Production: Digital Frontier Distributor: Toho Video Division Production: "GANTZ: O" Production Committee © Hiroya Oku / Shueisha "GANTZ: O" Production Committee.

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  1. Akibaweekly: GANTZ GETS 3DCG FILM IN 2016

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