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God Aliens
God Aliens




Characteristics Godlike, Extremely Advanced, Giant
Likes Indifferent
Quotes "God does not exist!"
Status Alive
Points None
Manga Debut

Chapter 369

Anime Debut


God Aliens (????, ?????-Seijin) are a race of aliens that have come to earth in an external form to explain things to humanity.


After the Giant Aliens are defeated some of the most important hunters from all over the world are transported to the Room of Truth. A human that sees their appearance would start to tear some red blood-like liquid from their eyes for around five minutes. Video cameras doesn't seem to be able to record them. When Kurono (the clone) and the team transported to the room, a lot of people were already there asking questions to it. The team wondered why they are crying blood and Sebastian explained that he stopped doing so at the first five minutes. The alien explained that it was the one created Gantz by using the daughter of a german wealthy man as a transceiver for the codes in order to give humanity a mean to defend from the immigrant aliens. After hearing the explanation the humans started to say their gratitude. The God Aliens then said that they don't need their thanks as they did not did it based on sympathy and told them to not read into it too much as it could had chosen not to as easily they had chosen to because they simply did it because they wanted it. Then it started saying it had no reason to save humans because humans are arrogant while they are just nothing. This statement gets rejected by many humans and they tried to argue. Then the God Aliens said to make it clear in an easier to grasp way. It started to make blood and flesh in front of Kurono and "made" whilst recovering the deceased Reika, Kei(Kishimoto), Sei, and Yoshikazu(Old man). Then they reunited and the God Aliens said that it will show why humans are just matters. The team screamed knowing what it will do and the just recovered Reika, Kei, Sei, and Yoshikazu was killed and turned back into nothing with Reika died while being hugged by Kurono and them telling that they loved each other. This made Kurono furious and jumped at the head of the alien trying to attack it with sword but got killed the moment he touched it. Katou was also shocked and angered but was held back by the rest. After they calmed down someone inquired if flesh and blood really what humans consist of, questioning the existence of the human soul. Then the God Aliens said if by "soul" he was referring to the 21 grams of data released the moment a human died. Then it said such a thing indeed exist and will enter to another dimension then reincarnated as another human. It then said that Reika will be reborn as an American woman two months later. Kurono will reborn as her Son 20 years later, and Kei will be reborn as Reika's daughter and Kurono's sister 2 years after.

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