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Hanako Alien are a race of aliens that have taken refuge on the earth and therefore have become targets of a global alien extermination effort.


Hanako comes from a giant Toilette. She also eats the other Aliens and it seems that she can stretch her Arms. She is the Boss of this Mission.


Second Mission in Gantz/Minus. After a few free days the next Missions starts. Ooki explain the new ones the Rues and Akari use the Bike. Hanako comes from a giant Toilet after some other Aliens are taking down. Akari and Izumi are fighting against the hanako Alien. Hanako got finished of with the Y Gun.

List of other Aliens in this MissionEdit

  • Kuchisake Onna
  • Jimenken


  • Hanako i an Japanese urban legend
  • All Aliens in this Mission based on Urban legends
  • Nishi and Izumis first Mission

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