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Haruka Nemoto
Haruka Nemoto
Race Human
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Humans
Occupation Housewife
Personal Status
Relatives Tetsuo Nemoto (Husband)
Eikichi Nemoto (Son)
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga 29. Clan
Final Appearance
English Christine Auten
Movie Actor/Actress

Haruka Nemoto is Tetsuo Nemoto's wife.


Tanaka Alien MissionEdit

Haruka Nemoto was the wife of Tetsuo Nemoto. Sometime ago, she and Tetsuo were married and had a son. Unfortunately, her breasts couldn't produce milk - meaning she couldn't breastfeed her son. Tetsuo than had to go to the store every night to get milk for his son. Although she can't breastfeed,  when Tetsuo comes home from the store one night he somewhat rapes his wife and the next morning it shows her unconscious naked body being suckled on her son. The night her husband dies, she opens her shirt and tries a vain attempt to feed her son she notices a white fluid leaking out her nipple - milk - and is overjoyed. She calls her Tetsuo (not knowing he's dead) and tells him that she can breastfeed.

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