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Haruya Numata
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Humans
Occupation Motor rider
Personal Status
Status Dead
First Appearance
Manga 29. Clan
Final Appearance
Japanese Satoshi Tsuruoka
English George Manley
Movie Actor/Actress

Kinji Nishikawa is one of the four Zoku Biker Gang main members who find themselves in the Tokyo Room.



Both in the anime and manga he comes across as a brutish arrogant idiot. He is very rude and cares very little about what other people think or do and was willing to rape Kishimoto infront of the other Zoku bike members. Although he 'respects' his fellow bike gang, he makes fun of the others and laughs alot. He would be quick to act if someone did something to him and can turn on a friend easily, coldly disregarding Kosuke's death at Nishi's hands and getting fed up with Tetsuo's moral standards in the anime. In addition, he refuses to put on his suit, though he still considers it his and refuses to let anyone else use it, despite constantly referring to it as "shit".



Tanaka Alien Mission ArcEdit

He does nothing to help in this mission, he just stands around and says to the others that this is all a joke and that they should just leave. When Nishi is in trouble he just makes fun of him and laughs. In the anime he gets one of his teeth knocked out by Tetsuo because he wouldn't shut up. In the anime he walks off with Kinji and they go to a pay phone. Soon after Kinji's head explodes and he comes running back to the where the others are.

Tetsuo and Haruya force Kurono to do what they say and they punch and knee him to show him they mean business. At gunpoint Haruya forces Kurono into an apartment building which the radar says an alien is in. After sometime has passed, the alien boss bird comes out of the house, and picks up Haruya and rips off his head.

Abilities and PowersEdit


Gallery Edit


  • Although he wears no suit before or during the mission he can be seen wearing one on chapter 30 Road Disappearance front cover along with all the other characters.
  • In the manga, he says he will put his suit on after seeing Tetsuo wear his, yet he never puts it on. In the anime this banter is absent. As Haruya and Tetsuo have fallen out at this point. He insults him instead.



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