Hiroshi Hatanaka
Hiroshi Hatanaka
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Gantz, Yakuza, Humans
Personal Status
Status Dead
First Appearance
Manga 001. An Incident
Final Appearance
Manga 025. Normality
Japanese Hajime Iijima
English Rob Mungle
Movie Actor/Actress

Hiroshi Hatanaka was a Yakuza who first appeared in the Gantz room before the Onion Alien mission.



He arrived in the room with holes in his clothing from being shot to death earlier that day. He and Yoshioka Kiyoshi knew each other before the mission.



Onion Alien MissionEdit

When Kishimoto arrived in the room naked, Hatanaka grabbed her and dragged her off to the back room to rape her. However, his actions were stopped by Kato. Hatanaka was the first to be transferred out when the mission began and was the most eager to fight the Onion Aliens. He executed the child alien after he and the others wounded it. He was killed during the mission when the father alien grabbed him and used him as a shield against a shot from Inamori. (Yamada in anime)

Abilities and PowersEdit



  • His name is said once by his partner in crime, but if you aren't listening out for it or already know his name, it is not easily understood. This is notable because most people who come to the Gantz room and die on their first mission don't ever talk, or state their name.



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