Hoi Hoi Edit

Hoi hoi
Debut 134. Sweet Gift
(Current) Final Appearance 291. The Wisdom Of Beauty
Seiyu None
Voice Actor None
Age Unknown
Current Status Unknown (likey Deceased)

None Known

Hoi Hoi is a panda who died in some unknown way, and appeared in the room. He is from a local zoo.

Appearance Edit

Hoi Hoi is a rather large panda, with the customary appearance of one.

Personality Edit

Hoi Hoi normally seems docile and tame, but, as shown during the Nuraihayon mission, he manages to obtain 40 points, showing that he is able to get violent and aggressive.

He normally does not interact with the Gantz hunters, but with Izumi Shion, he will readily approach him, and play with him and hug him. During the missions, he will follow him around, and, somewhat interestingly, Izumi saved Hoi Hoi's life during the dinosaur alien mission arc, and actually seemed to be enjoying the panda hugging him and playing with him, and does not resist.

Plot Edit

Dinosaur alien mission arc Edit

Hoi Hoi first appeared in the Gantz room before the dinosaur alien mission arc. He is shown to hug Izumi immediately when he appears after comitting a massacre; Reika . Later, he follows Izumi during the mission, and later plays with Izumi after the hunter kills his first dinosaur alien. He is then saved later by Izumi, who runs away with him from the boss alien. Later, upon reappearing in the Gantz room, he is stated to have received 0 points, and Gantz states he's too busy hugging Izumi.

Ring Alien mission arc Edit

Hoi Hoi is only shown in the Gantz room before the mission, but does not appear again during the mission.

Tae Kojima mission Edit

Hoi Hoi is shown in the Gantz room during the mission.

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