It's the beginning of a brand new day is a 1940s radio exercise tune, which was heard daily. Many different variants exist of the song. Several of them have been used in the Gantz franchise.

Lyrics Edit

Japanese Kanji Japanese Rōmaji English Translation
新しい 来た Atarashii asa ga kita A new morning has come
希望 kibou no asa da This morning of hope
喜び 開け yorokobi ni mune o hirake Opens(fills) your chest(heart) to(with) happiness,
大空 あおげ oozora aoge The sky is big and blue.
ラジオ Rajio no koe ni At the voice(sound) of the radio,
健やか sukoyaka na mune o Fully open(fill) your chest(lungs)
この 香る 開けよ kono kaoru kaze ni hirakeyo To(with) the fragrant of the wind.
それ 一 二 三 sore: ichi, ni , san! Then 1, 2, 3!

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