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Joichiro Nishi
Race Human
Age 14
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Gantz, Himself
Occupation Middle School Student
Team Gantz (Tokyo)
Personal Status
Relatives Mother (deceased)


Education Middle School
Status Deceased (Revived:1)
First Appearance
Manga 001. An Incident
Final Appearance
Manga 366. The Great Escape
Japanese Yabe Masashi
English Chris Patton
Movie Actor/Actress
Live Action Actor Kanata Hongo

Joichiro Nishi is a middle-school (8th grade) veteran of the Gantz world, having arrived there over a year before the beginning of the Gantz. Gantz calls him "Mr. Nishi," which is rather interesting given how informally or derisively he refers to most of the other participants.



Much like how Kurono started out, he is also selfish and has a Social Darwinist approach to life. Nishi is reluctant to reveal anything about the Gantz or himself, but he runs a web site where he posts information about it (carefully avoiding Gantz's rule about informing outsiders, which would in turn prove fatal).

Nishi is known to keep a calm and collect mood throughout the entire series. He is cold and very blunt about the facts of the Gantz game, not caring about the other players as he has demonstrated on several occasions, and actually said at the start. After Kaze used his 100 points to resurrect him, he wasn't as openly hostile towards everyone, but still didn't bother helping them. When Izumi was facing vampires in the subway, he'd excuse himself, it not involving him, although he called Sakurai to tell him about the events. On the Osaka mission, he went off on his own, hunting, not bothering with the rest of his team. He only told them about the doomsday countdown one week beforehand, not bothering to do it before, seeing no reason to.

He believes he can free himself on his own, and doesn't rely on the other players to help him through the missions.

Nishi's style of fighting is to use the controller to turn invisible then sneak up on an enemy, firing a Y-gun to wrap them up and send them away. He has also been shown to carry an X-gun with him also.

He has stated he enjoys watching people die, and has been shown using an X-gun to explode a cat for fun. Oddly enough, the manga shows him walking away with an erection, suggesting he finds some kind of sexual thrill from killing as well.

In the Osaka mission, he waited for the right moment, seeing others dying fighting a boss level monster, but gauged the situation and decided to appear, picking up the H-gun of a dead hunter, and firing it at the thing.

In a clear demonstration of just how much of a jerk Nishi can be, after returning from the Italian mission, he having kept the Z-gun he found there, he ignores the pleas of the others to use his hundred points to bring back the Old Man who had died, and instead gets a second H-gun.

It is also evident that he dislikes society. In the anime, shortly before his death he states that he didn't hate anyone, but he hated society because it was so 'fucked up' and he had difficulty keeping on track. In the manga, he berates Kato for being a hypocrite and tells him that he swears that the people around them are no different from cattle. He then proceeded to say that society have given into the media and that they had stopped and cannot think for themselves and that Kato is no better because he thinks that Kato, like him couldn't care if the people around them just dropped dead.

However, in a recent chapter, much to Nishi's own surprise, he chooses to save Takeshi from an explosion caused by aliens in the apartment after Gantz was hacked. He yells that he doesn't understand what is happening to him.


It would appear that Nishi and Izumi have a past relationship as "teammates" before Izumi's memory was wiped and he won freedom. It has not been revealed if Nishi and Izumi were friends or just acquaintances forced to fight Aliens together by Gantz.

Nishi's mother killed herself, and he was very upset by this. In chapter 364:Dissonant Resonance, it is revealed that Nishi's father appears to be a homeless man. Nishi's father is describing to his friend that even before she killed herself, Nishi was not quite right. His father says that Nishi killed cats and that they (he and his wife) would find their heads stuffed in bins in his room. He says that one day, after his mother's suicide, Nishi ran away and never came back. 

In both of Nishi's death scenes, we see him calling out for his mother while crying. This suggests that he was likely very attached to his mother. And after she died, he probably developed some mommy issues. 



Here it has been revealed what happened before his death, Nishi returns from the school only to see his mother hanging on a rope dead. After seeing his mother dead, Nishi committed suicide by jumping down from a rooftop.

Onion Alien Mission ArcEdit

When first seen in the room, he is the only participant already wearing a suit. As it is his turn to introduce himself, all he states is his name, grade and that he fell to his death. Throughout the waiting period before the mission, Nishi simply stays put knowing what is going to happen and when Gantz finally delivers equipment to the group, he immediately arms himself with proper gear.

After being transported the mission area, he tells the group that he is the son of the producer of a show they are participating in. He tells them that there is a monetary reward for whoever catches the alien displayed by the black sphere. After all member make up their minds about how to proceed, Nishi mysteriously disappears.

Once Kurono defeats the alien, makes his appearance as he shoots the creature with his immobilizing weapon revealing that he remained invisible while watching during the entire mission. Given the fact that it was Kurono who defeated the alien, Nishi offers Kurono to kill the alien and keep the points. After unsuccessfully trying to convince Kurono to kill the alien telling him that it will feel great, Nishi uses his own weapon to dematerialize the alien thus ending the mission. Shortly before the beginning of the transfer, Nishi tells a crying Kurono that they are now going back to the room and that as long as they are alive, regardless of whatever state their bodies is in, they will be completely healed. As he finishes his words, he is transported back to the room.

When Kurono gets transported, he tells Gantz to share the points after he states that it had been a long time since someone came back with him. However as the dog appears in the room he remembers and says that the dog always returns as well but does nothing to help in the mission. He is annoyed to see that Kato also survives and wonders how many did aside from him (which with Kishimoto makes it a total of 4). He tells Gantz to begin the scoring once again. When asked if that is the ball's name, he states that it is and that someone there before him gave it that name. He is annoyed at the fact that he gets only 3 points for killing the alien. He then tells everyone that the door will open enabling them to go home or do whatever they want. However he is questioned by Kurono who along with the rest don't understand the situation. He tells them that he will answer their questions if he knows the answers and when they ask him what is going on and why it is happening he replies that he doesn't know. After Kurono complains about this, Nishi tells them that the question is too abstract to respond. The group decides to ask a question each and Kurono begins. When asked who he is, Nishi responds that an alien, this infuriates Kurono who know it is a lie (even though Kato and Kishimoto believe it at first). Nishi then gives the correct answer: he is a highschooler who has been going there for the past year and that the process of the missions repeats itself over and over again. He says (with an exited face) that he has seen people die many times in all kinds of ways and tells Gantz to show the deceased. When Gantz ignores him, Nishi sticks his finger in the man's ear and the images of those who died appear on the screen. He comments on how stupid that mission's hunters were even when compared to the others but notes that Kurono is different since he could tell that the suit would help him. Now being Kato's turn, he asks why Nishi didn't say anything to the rest before the mission. The irresponsive kid finally answers that when the aliens kill people they drop their guard allowing him to act, Kato deduces that Nishi saw everything which Nishi confirms and proves by making a comment on Hatanaka's death. Overwhelmed by emotions Kato grabs Nishi by the shirt when the latter repeatedly provokes him. He tells Kato to act his age since he is older, and to stop being a hypocrite the he tells all the "pathetic fools" that he is the strongest person in there as he activates the suit and grabs Kato by the wrist slowly but firmly squeezing it. Nishi is now with a Kurono's weapon to his head as the former threatens to break Kato's arm. Nishi tells Kurono that if he shoots, his head will blow up causing Kurono to point at his arm instead. Kurono tells him he has more questions and asks him about whether they're really alive or not. Nishi states that they are alive but did indeed die. His theory of the group being copies like a fax of the originals is based on when Gantz being "clumsy" copied a guy who actually ended up surviving. As he says these words he becomes invisible once again. To the group's horror, he says that he will kill one of them but immediately laughs at their reactions, he also lets them know that if when they get out, they try to tell anyone about what happened, their head will explode. As he can't be heard anymore, the group confirms that he is gone.

Tanaka Alien Mission ArcEdit

Nishi is killed at the beginning of the Tanaka/Suzuki Alien mission, but after six months of existing only inside Gantz's memory banks, he is revived by Kaze at Kurono's request at the end of the Oni mission. Ostensibly, Kurono hopes that Nishi will be able to provide information about Gantz to the game players. However, as previously stated, Nishi's knowledge of Gantz is very limited, and the only information he can give to the Gantz team is the existence of 'Katastrophe'. Unfortunately, he knows nothing else about it, though suggests it may be a nuclear war.


Nishi is killed by the high-pitched sonic blast of the Tanaka alien.

Oni Alien Mission ArcEdit

Nurarihyon Alien Mission ArcEdit

In the battle against the Nurarihyon, Nishi hit the 100 points alien with one of the weapons the Osaka team dropped, but failed to kill it and as a result had his right arm blown off. He returned from that mission alive, and fully restored, and was shown to have earned 75 points on that mission, his first since being brought back to life.

Gantz/Nishi SpecialEdit

As a side note, there is a love interest for Nishi in the manga series. She is only refered to as 'Ryo-chan', as shown in the name section of her cellphone in the Gantz: NIshi SP (special). Here, she is shown following Nishi, because a group of people at their school highly disliked the male, saying 'he kills cats'. She followed him, in hopes of taking pictures and proving once and for all whether or not he did so. But when a cat did in fact come in contact with him and he slipped into an alley, she followed him, but he had disappeared, using his Gantz suit. When he revealed himself and questioned her, she confessed non-existent feelings for him as a way of brushing off her stalking, to which he seemed uncaring.

Italian Alien Mission ArcEdit

At the end of the Osaka arc Nishi received a total of 75 points. He then tells the team that the world is going to be destroyed in approximately one week from now.

In Chapter 287, we're given a glimpse of his school life; he being a social outcast who was bullied constantly by his classmates. They even go so far as to throw him out of a window to kill him, coming up with an excuse to say he was "fooling around and fell". The Gantz suit saved his life, and he decided to take revenge on his classmates. Nishi returned to the classroom only to slaughter every single one of his classmates with the exception of one girl who had never done anything to him (she also had a crush on him, although it's debatable if this was an act of compassion or Nishi simply seeing no reason to kill her). While staying in the school until nightfall, Nishi was faced with a hail of gunfire as a Strike Team was sent into the classroom to kill him. Though he managed to kill some of the strike team, he was eventually shot down. He was nearly killed before Gantz began transferring him back to the room.

After surviving what is believed to be the final hunt, Nishi receives enough points to have the hundred point menu appear. Instead of bringing back someone who died, he chooses right away to get a second H gun, he having gotten his first in the recent mission, retrieving it from one of the many dead.

The Invasion Begins ArcEdit

In chapter 303, Nishi is seen waiting for Katastrophe to commence. At the beginning of the Katastrophe, Nishi and Kato stumble upon each other. Nishi berates Kato, calling him a hypocrite regarding the lives of everyone else around them. Afterwards, after the initial descent of some kind of Mechas, Nishi activates his invisibility. He has yet to be seen after that.

Alien Ship Takeover Mission ArcEdit

United Rescue ArcEdit

In Chapter 328 Nishi is seen for the first time in a while, standing beside the Gantz Ball. Reika asks him how to turn on the Gantz Ball, which shocks him. The ball flies open and Nishi yells at Gantz for being such an ass. The man in the ball tells Nishi that there's no use and tells the others that he'll do anything in his power to help, to which Nishi tells him not to be selfish. After the bombs are removed, Nishi goes on to explain about the guys who transported them. He says they're all Zaibatsu big wigs and they had prepared for the Katastrophe long before it occurred. He goes onto explain that they are planning to take over the world now that America and China are out of the picture, and that all they have to do is defeat the giants. Reika asks him if the ball can be used to communicate with the other Gantz's and the guy in the ball says that it can. When they plan to use the ball to communicate with other Gantzers, Nishi mocks them and tells them how naive they are. When the plan works and they get a response, Nishi is shocked and wonders how they managed to get a response.

When the first hunter arrives in the room and greets everyone, he goes to shake Nishi's hand. When Nishi refuses and glares at him, Takeda states that he's at "that age" and that Nishi is a cute kid, much to Nishi's annoyance. He watches as other hunters are transferred into the room. While the others are inside the alien mothership rescuing humans, Takeshi and Nishi stay behind in the apartment. Nishi says that they are all morons who will just end up dying. Takeshi says that his "Papa" will definitely comeback but Nishi says otherwise. This angers the child who ends up back-attacking Nishi, which knocks the middleschooler down. Surprisingly, he does not react against the kid, which demonstrates that Nishi respects (or fears) Kaze, in some way. When Kurono finds out that they have not rescued that many people and there are still more up there, they try to formulate a plan. Nishi pipes up and tells them to stop acting like idiots.

In chapter 340, Nishi and Takeshi are attacked in the Gantz apartment when the Gantz ball is hacked, sending several aliens into the room, while trying to connect to the air compressor room in the large spaceship. Nishi is initially reluctant to fight, but as the aliens attempt to overwhelm him, he fights back. Nishi gets pushed back into the weapons rack on the ball and gets out two guns, shooting and killing most of the aliens in the room. More get sent in and eventually overwhelm Nishi. The aliens blow themselves up, just as Nishi escapes the apartment. Nishi lands on the ground at the foot of the apartment building and it is revealed that he saved Takeshi. He questions his actions and realizes that Gantz was caught up in the explosion. He races around searching for the ball and finds it. To his horror, the man inside the ball appears to have died and has large gashes in his skull, and part of his head crushed in.

Destroy the Tower Mission ArcEdit

Traveling nearly without destination, Nishi and Takeshi stumble upon a laptop with internet connection. Trying to find out what happen, Nishi access the internet and discover that a hidden human faction (said to be group of Japan's most powerful people) is about to open a final front by attacking the Alien ship's weakness with Gantz technology based very large assault mech (declared to be the largest in the faction's arsenal), piloted by Gantz participants (with some apparently brought against their will, again). Overjoyed, Nishi hack in to get into the game, before get teleported to one the mech to pilot.

There he starts hacking at the tower when he's interrupted by Kurono, whom after saving Tae inherits Fra Rarada's will and is trying to prevent the Alien civilization to fall apart; Nishi on the other hand claims to want to go back as the most powerful human being and vows to destroy Kurono.

During the battle he intentionally aims at Tae, seemingly killing her, to which Kurono reacts going berserk managing to destroy Nishi's armor. Defeated and in order to be spared and carry on his agenda Nishi claims there's still a way for Gantz to revive the girl but he has to accomplish what he was trying to do since he no longer has an armored suit.

Tae had been blown away though, and was holding to the edge of the building, so just before Kurono relenting he hears her voice and abandons Nishi is the tower with Nishi cursing at him.

Left in the tower Nishi vows to kill Kurono before ordering Gantz to transfer him back, soon he realizes there's no response and he's left on the tower blowing up, shaking in a corner murmuring for his mom and how he longs to live.


Nishi's final scene

The Final Challenge ArcEdit

After Kurono fights the Giant Aliens war hero, killing them. The last giant alien soldier commits suicide and the spacecraft starts a self-destruction sequence — Ignoring Kurono's order to just flee away and seek for an uninhabited planet to live on — most part of the hunters escape in the flying bikes. The mothership explodes annihilating all giant aliens remaining. As Nishi was stuck, hopeless, in the top of the tower in his last appearance, is strongly probable that he has been killed in the explosion too, even though his death has not been shown.

Abilities & SkillsEdit


Differences between the manga and animeEdit

  • The lie he tells during the Onion Alien Mission differs between the anime and manga. In the manga, he whispered to Yamada that the reward for catching the alien would be 10 million yen and convinced the others that they had been placed under hypnosis and that it was all a TV show made by his father (who he claimed was the producer). In the anime, he immediately announced to everyone that the aliens were real and that they were all hired by a government agency to exterminate the aliens (this was also said in the manga, but only after he told everyone it was just a TV show). In addition, his father, Vice-Minister Nishi, is part of the Cabinet Information Bureau who Suzuki recognizes as someone who never lies and makes the whole group believe him and go along with the hunt (except Suzuki, who still decides to go home).



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