Juzo Togo
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Humans
Personal Status
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Manga 0056. New Participants
Final Appearance
Japanese Hiroshi Shirokuma
English John Gremillion
Movie Actor/Actress

Juzo Togo is one of the people summoned to the Tokyo room at the beginning of the Buddhist Temple Alien Mission. Despite only having participated in one hunt, Togo was a remarkably skilled hunter.


Togo seemed very stoic and serious during most of the mission, also taking great advantage of sneak tactics, such as sniping from a distance and hiding inside a dead Alien's body.


Nothing is known about Togo before him entering the Gantz room, though judging from his expertise with sniping, and ability to evade and avoid most attacks, it could be presumed that he had some sort of military training.

Plot Edit

Buddhist Temple Alien ArcEdit

He got to a rooftop early on, and sniped away at the enemies below, killing many. He attempted to kill the boss alien, completely destroying its body twice, but was forced to flee when it reformed and fired its laser at him. He was unseen for some time until he burst from his hiding place in the body of the Rowdy Alien, wielding the trident of one of the small statues. The attack injured but failed to kill the boss, and he almost succeeded in choking the boss to death from its back until he was forced again to retreat by its laser, this time losing both his legs and finally dying to a shot through his head.

Abilities & SkillsEdit

Although he died in his first mission, he has notable skills because he was the first one to have enough sense to realize how he could snipe targets from a safe distance with the x-rifle.




  • His death is altered in the Anime; he gets cut in half by the laser that the boss alien shoots after Juzo shoots him a few times. This was either done to save time or to show that the boss alien was pissed off.
  • Togo can be seen in the official Gantz game for the PS2, he is a playable character using long-range attacks.
  • He is one of the most popular Gantz characters to date, because of his attitude and the way he does things, this may have been the way of his addition to the Gantz game or because his style of gameplay would be different from the others.
  • It is highly implied that Togo is based off of Duke Togo, the main character of the long running manga series Golgo 13. Jyuzo and Duke are similar in appearance as well as the fact that they are both accomplished snipers, rarely speak to others, and share the same last name "Togo"
  • Togo's name is never given during the any episodes of the anime, but is listed in the credits. He is not named anywhere in the manga, but is named in the Gantz manual and in the Gantz video game.
  • Despite him having a voice actor he doesn't really speak at all. All of his lines except for when he shoots the smaller Buddhas were removed (possibly since the anime staff didn't want viewers to think that the anime would run longer than 26 episodes due to his dialogue about the x-rifle's range foreshadowing later events in the manga).
  • In the manga, he was the one who killed the Rowdy Alien with shots from the x-rifle. In the anime, however, while he still shoots at the alien twice like in the manga, after it loses its grip on Kurono, the latter uses his own rifle to completely destroy the alien's head, thus killing it (though Kurono still only gains 8 points after the mission's end in the anime).



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