Daizaemon Kaze
Kaze Daizaemon
Race Human
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Gantz, Humans
Occupation Alien-Hunter
Team Gantz (Tokyo)
Personal Status
Relatives Takeshi Koumoto (adoptive son)
Education High School
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga 115. The Man From Hakata
Final Appearance
Manga 383.  End Point
Movie Actor/Actress

Daizaemon Kaze (風 大左衛門, Kaze Daizaemon) is a tall and incredibly powerful martial artist who comes from the countryside to Tokyo looking for a good fight. He appears to practice Bājíquán (Chinese: 八極拳; pinyin: Bājíquán) which is a Chinese martial art that features explosive, short-range power and is famous for its elbow strikes. One of his signature moves is the Tetsuzankou or "back attack", in which he thrusts his back against his enemies with incredible force, often sending them flying. He first meets Gantz after the Shinjuku massacre, where he makes a valiant yet doomed attempt at stopping Izumi. He seems to care about Takeshi, a young child who admires Kaze as his "Muscle Rider" savior. Gantz calls him "Countryside General," ("Inakappe Daisho" / "General Bumpkin") and later on "Muscle Rider."

After the Oni Aliens mission he collects slightly over 100 points, but chooses to remain in the Gantz game in order to both continue testing his strength and fighting skills against more powerful enemies and to protect Takeshi. So instead of being freed he chooses to revive another person, settling on Nishi after asking for Kurono's suggestion. Despite his cold outlook, he does have a softer side - in fact, he weeps when he thinks of how Takeshi died at such a young age without ever having experienced love. He also takes some sport in the game, though nowhere near as much as Izumi.

Appearance Edit

Kaze is a tall man with a muscular physique. His hair is black and stuck up; He has an anchor-style beard. His countenance is always serious and the cut of the ears gives him an air of evil. It is always seen wearing samurai pants, wooden sandals and a black jacket worn with gloves. He wears the Gantz suit with no clothes underneath.

Personality and Fighting StyleEdit

Kaze is a very quiet individual, rarely starting a conversation with anyone but Takeshi and those he wishes to challenge to a fight. Kaze seems to love fighting not quite to the point of Sadism, he loves a challenge, as seen when fighting the Stone Oni, even though he being thrown back and forth he said he had never had so much fun. Kaze also has the tendency to seek the strongest opponents. When he was first introduced he looked like a homeless nomad, who traveled from place to place, fighting the strongest people, asking who is the strongest and demand that whoever he speaks to, take him to his new opponent, he would like to declare himself "The strongest man in Japan", a title not many would contest. Although he is quiet, and slightly unsociable, he does seem to have found friends in his Gantz team. Besides Takeshi he has shown a liking towards Kei, Reika and Suzuki. He is also shy around women, as when Mary McClane asked if he was a virgin, he blushed, and she kissed him, making him blush further. He does not seem to care about what others think of him, as when he was at school or out and about, people ridiculed him for his shoes, he did not seem to care. He doesn't seem to be academically smart either, instead of worrying about school it seemed all he cared about was being the strongest. He does have a soft side towards Takeshi, whom he treats like an adopted son, Takeshi's story even bought a tear to his eye.

Due to his love of fighting, Kaze is without a doubt physically the strongest man seen in Gantz thus far possessing monstrous strength even without a suit, shortly before his death by the hands of Izumi, he held a corpse up with one hand to act as a meat shield from Izumi's bullets, and was able to lift Izumi from the ground and strangle him with one hand, despite his bullet wounds. When he was introduced to Gantz, he defeated several Dinosaurs and even the Kappe alien, who's body was said to be as hard of steel, without a suit and with only his bare hands, despite his large muscles even the notoriously agile Kei had trouble attacking him when they first met, and Kei even used his suit. Kaze has never been seen using the Gantz equipment beside the suit, and instead relies purely on hand to hand combat despite how dangerous it is, this is partly due to his considerable martial arts skills, something which few aliens can even hope to match in terms of skills, speed, technique and occasionally, strength. When Kaze dons his suit, he rarely even uses the added muscle power of his suit, and when he does and combines it with his deadly special technique, it holds explosive results as shown below.

Gantz kaze

Kaze smashes through Nurarihyon.

Kaze does not possess any special attributes outside of combat and martial arts prowess. However he has enough common sense in how to evade a unique aliens deadly attacks. Due to his natural knack of fighting and surviving it has allowed him to evade attacks that would otherwise kill him, even when using his suit. Kaze is one of a few Tokyo members to have never been killed as a Gantz hunter (along with Kei and Izumi, though they both died outside a mission, unlike Kaze), a considerable feat, given the high mortality the hunters face.

Current EventsEdit

After the mission in Osaka, Kaze shows his concerns for the "End of the world" in one week's time and appears at the meeting concerning that issue. He and Takeshi were recently offered by Suzuki to stay with him for the time being, though he thought as not to impose and denied, Suzuki insisted.

Kaze survives the mission in Italy and upon returning to the room he is released along with the rest of the hunters. In chapter 303, he is seen with Takeshi watching a big screen T.V. showing the destruction in America. In chapter 306, Takeshi and Kaze are seen under the attack of the Gantz-suited like aliens. In chapter 309 he is seen fighting against the aliens. In chapter 310 upon defeating the aliens he is seen alongside Takeshi being cheered by a crowd and eventually followed by them. In chapter 314 he is seen with Takeshi on his shoulder standing by the other Gantz hunters. In chapter 327 he is seen with Takeshi and the others climbing up the Gantz building. In chapter 328, after Reika says that she senses another person in the building, Kaze says that he senses it too. He and the others call out for Nishi, knowing that he's there.

After the Katastrophe Team form and head into the ship, Kaze helps out by rescuing the humans along with his team. Later on, a few of the aliens appear with another three headed beast alien. They began to attack the humans and the Katastrophe Team. Kaze leaps onto the three headed aliens head and begins to tear it apart, of course, with his barehands. With Ryuujis' help, the both of them take down the beast.

Mary Kisses Kaze

Mary kisses Kaze.

Later on, Kaze is still helping the Team fight off oncoming aliens in the battle arena. He continues to display his signature strength and speed by ripping aliens apart with his bare hands.

In chapter 354, Mary McLane is seen looking at Kaze, suggesting that she may have feelings for him, due to their shared skills in fighting. In chapter 368, she shows interest in Kaze. Upon discovering that he is still a virgin, kisses him, saying that he is her soul mate. His final appearnce being one of the many peole greeting Kurono on the beach with Mary and Takeshi.

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