Kid Onion Alien
Child onion alien
Race Alien
Age Preteen
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Aliens
Personal Status
Relatives Adult Onion Alien
Status Dead
First Appearance
Manga 004. The Black Ball's Order
Final Appearance
Japanese Yoshinori Fujita
English Spike Spencer
Movie Actor/Actress

The Kid Onion Alien is the first alien shown in the series, he is also the first target identified by the Black Sphere.



The Kid Onion Alien as seen for the first time in the Manga.

We see him suckling a green onion while sweating profusely with steam coming from its ears and slimy snot gets squirted from his nose. He apperently also smells like Natto (fermented soy beans). He also starts drooling.


The Kid Onion Alien's skeleton.

Inamori then points his gun at him, thinking they have to shoot it. The gun however just shows him the alien's skeleton. Hatanaka then slams it into a wall after it squirts more sime on him, causing it to vomit on him and itself. Hatanaka backs off in revulsion allowing him to run away up the apartments steps. They give chase after which he jumps backwards off the apartment and falls down in front of Kurono's group. Kato helps him up asking if he is OK, but he runs away. The others surprised he is still alive give chase again.
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The Kid Onion Alien as he appears in the Movie.




Onion Alien Mission ArcEdit

The Kid Onion Alien is seen for the first time on the Black Sphere in the Tokyo Room. Telling the people in the Tokyo Room to go out and defeat it. After which they are transported to the outside. Where Joichiro Nishi tells them they are a part of a co-produced game show wherein they have to capture an actor wearing an alien costume in order to win 10 million yen. He then tells them it is nearby after which they start searching the local area for it. Yamada Masashi looking at an apartment building named Onion (tamanegi), walks to the front door of the nearest downstairs apartment and is confronted with the Kid Onion Alien coming out of the door of the apartment. Which is noticed by Inamori who shouts at the others "There it is". Yamada then grabs it while he is joined by Inamori and the Yakuza Hiroshi Hatanaka and Kiyoshi Yoshioka.

While being chased, he begs the hunters repeatedly to "take his green onions", only for Inamori to respond that he doesn't want them. They corner the alien and Inamori takes a shot, only to barely miss. The kid then runs into the yakuza, and Hatanaka promptly kicks him against the wall. Surrounded, the child decides to defend himself and steam comes out of his ears, much to the hunters' amusement/annoyance. He brings out his claws and cuts Hatanaka's leg, angering the latter who promptly shoots him with the others. Kato screams at them to stop, but it's too late as the onion boy's arm suddenly blows off, leaving the others shocked/disturbed. Holding out his onion stalk, the kid begs for his life by begging the humans to "take his green onions" before his other arm and legs are blown off by the delayed fire. Now limbless, the onion boy falls down moaning in pain, Kato saying that they should call an ambulance. Hatanaka promptly fires at the alien again, asking Kato if he has problem with what's happening. The kid mutters something in his own language before his head explodes in Kato's face. Kato's briefly grieves for the onion child, lamenting that he couldn't save him.

Abilities and PowersEdit

The Kid Onion Alien is able to produce razor-sharp claws from his right hand, which it uses at one point to wound Hatanaka in self defense. The length of these claws is considerably shorter than those of the Adult Onion Alien.

In addition to these offensive capabilities, the Kid Onion Alien also produces a thick, green, mucousy substance from his orifices and wounds that are used as a make-shift defense in his first encounter with the yakuza member that assaults him. After evading the humans by vomiting this mucous, the Kid Onion Alien survives a fall from several stories up with no more than a battered face and bloodied nose. This may suggest some significant durability-- but this is speculative at best.


I'll give you my onions!




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