Kiyoshi Yoshioka
Gantz wiki thing
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Gantz, Yakuza, Humans
Personal Status
Status Dead
First Appearance
Manga 001. An Incident
Final Appearance
Manga 025. Normality
Japanese Kenichi Morozumi
English John Swasey
Movie Actor/Actress

Kiyoshi Yoshioka (清吉岡) was a Yakuza who first appeared in the Gantz room before the Onion Alien mission.


Like his partner in crime, he had bullet holes in his clothing, indicating that he died from gunfire this is later proved because he pulled out a pistol and shot the adult onion alien moments before it struck Kato, saving his life in the process. He dies his first mission out.


One of two Yakuza who arrived in the Gantz room before the start of the Onion Alien mission. When Kurono and Kato first appear in the room he can be seen at the back with his partner in crime. He doesn't speak much, unlike Hatanaka, and when he does its either an insult or a snarly comment (though unlike his partner he is far more patient). He comes across with a tough don't-screw-around-with-me attitude, and this is proved when he wants a Gantz gun off of Inamori his line is 'Hand one over goldy locks' in a demanding tone and nobody really talks to him much.



Onion Alien MissionEdit

In the Onion Alien mission he searches for the alien like the others. He doesn't do that much until he had his arm cut off. He got out a real gun just before the alien attacked Kato. Soon after he runs out of bullets he falls to the ground.

Abilities and PowersEdit





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