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Kosuke Nakajima
Kosuke Nakajima
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Humans
Occupation Motor rider
Personal Status
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Manga 29. Clan
Final Appearance
Japanese Zenichi Nagano
English Mike Vance
Movie Actor/Actress

Kosuke Nakajima is one of the four Zoku Biker Gang main members who find themselves in the Tokyo Room.





Tanaka Alien Mission ArcEdit

After receiving a text they believed were from horny girls looking to get laid with them, Kosuke and his three friends go to a location, only to find it was a trap by another gang, which kills them. They all arrive together in the Gantz room.

He didn't really do that much; he just made some comments and laughed with the others. He is notable because he took a shot at Nishi to test the gun and in the anime he did it because he was pissed that Nishi railed on everyone and annoyed them all. In both the anime and manga Nishi gets a gun out of his sleeve and kills Kosuke in the room.

Abilities and PowersEdit


Gallery Edit


  • He is the only member thus far to get killed before a mission and in the room at the same time.
  • As a possible foreshadowing to his premature death, he was not present on the cover title of chapter 30.
  • In the manga, he used an x-rifle to shoot at Nishi. The anime changed it to him using a normal x-gun.
  • In the manga, for some reason, no one comments on his corpse being gone from the room when the mission is over. Hojo, however, does make note of it in the anime, though the reason why is still never explained.
  • After Nishi kills him in the manga, his corpse is seen leant against the glass doors. In the anime it was in the middle of the floor.



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