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Masanobu Hojo
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Gantz, Humans
Occupation Former Model
Team Gantz (Tokyo)
Personal Status
Education High School
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Manga 0030. Road Disappearance
Final Appearance
Japanese Hiroshi Kamiya
English Xero Reynolds
Movie Actor/Actress

Hojo Masanobu, referred by Gantz as Homo Hojo, first appeared in the Gantz room before the Tanaka alien mission.


Hojo is considered handsome since he's a model. He has long brown hair and fair skin. He wears a blue jacket along woth blue pants.


Hojo initially seems superficial, cocky, and vain, showing sole concern for his appearance when entering the Gantz room after being told to wear the suit, as he feared what others would think of him. He decides to wear his clothing over it for the Tanaka alien mission, but later is shown to have understood the severity of the situation and how those things didn't matter anymore in Gantz. In accordance with this, he wears his suit only for the Buddha alien mission. He also believes they could take care of the aliens themselves during the buddha aliens.

Hojo is somewhat clever, as he fooled an individual talking about him in the bookstore into believing he was talking to a model with big boobs. He also deduces that the Tanaka aliens are not able to breathe if they leave their robot suits. He was also able to use the Radar Device effectively to locate the alien targets.

He is shown to be somewhat mean-spirited in the beginning, as he advocates for Sadayo to get off the motorbike immediately, not heeding the fact that they were in traffic. He also acts aloof from the other participants, saying it doesnt matter if they wear their suits or not. This attitude changes though during the Buddha alien mission, as he has emulated Kato's attitude in a sense, caring for the other participants and showing compassion. When he leads a team to confront the remaining aliens during the Buddha alien mission, he even sacrifices himself to allow the individuals without the suits to escape and get the others.

Hojo is also shown to have developed some trust and camarederie with Kato, following his lead in helping him stop the giant Buddha alien's foot, displaying bravery. He shows his worry for Kato after they are stepped on, asking how his suit was. He even seems jokingly mad that Kato is ordering him about even after he named him a leader, but he still complies with his orders.

Going along with his new change, he shows concern and care for Sadayo, asking if she's alright when they're facing Kannon's guards. Also, he compliments her upon her pretty face, instead of saying dismissive insults as he used to. This all cumulates in the end for him, as Hojo shares true acceptance and affection for Sadayo prior to his death along with hers, sharing one final kiss.


Hojo was a model for an all-male agency, but he left after the president, a male, tried to come onto him. He was killed in a vehicle crash with Sadayo, after a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and killed him and Sadayo, along with Ryota and his grandmother.


Tanaka Alien Mission ArcEdit

In a bookstore he finds a girl is stalking him, so decides to take off, giving someone 10,000 yen for their motorcycle. A girl, in an attempt to flirt asks Hojo if she can ride with him, he agrees but says he's not dropping her off anywhere. He drives off before realizing that the girl with her arms around him isn't the one he agreed to take for a ride, but his stalker, who switched places without him noticing. A truck driver falls asleep at the wheel and ends up killing an old woman and her grandson as he crashes into their car; they in turn end up crashing into the motorcycle killing Hojo and his stalker Sadako. He then appears in the Gantz room.

When Kato tries to help him by informing everyone to wear a suit, Hojo replies "I can't go outside wearing that", but decides to wear it as he realizes that he might die otherwise, and that he can wear the suit under his clothes.

He follows the 3 remaining bikers, Ryota, and Ryota's Grandma to leave the area while Nishi fights the Tanaka alien. He hears a ringing noise in his head, and is present when one of the biker's head explodes. He reuturns to the scene where the battle took place, and sees Nishi's dead body. He talks to the Kato, Kurono, and Kei, about the ringing, and how there could be a bomb in their heads.

Later, he follows Kato and Kishimoto after Nishi was killed, and helps save Kishimoto by suffocating a Tanaka alien in order to defeat it. He also teams up with Kishimoto to defeat two Tanaka aliens, killing one personally with his gun. These were the two that attacked Ryota and his grandma, but it was too late to save them.

After the mission, during scoring, Gantz refers to him as Homo, much to Hojo's embarrassment, and prompting Kurono and Kato both move away from him, surprising Kishimoto by their apparent intolerance. He receives 10 points. Hojo, while still denying Gantz insinuation, does not seem terribly offended by their actions.

Buddhist Temple Alien ArcEdit

Upon being warped to the room, Kato almost says "homo" as a greeting to Hojo, with Hojo questioning him about it. He comments on the new members, then reacts with alarm when Sadayo arrives in the room. He also says it doesn't matter that the others aren't wearing their suits, that they can handle it themselves. Upon being the first to be warped to the temple, he questions where they are. He later praises kato's naming of the "X-gun".

Hojo later helps in the fight against the Buddha alien guards, though he initially seems wary, as he thinks they can't defeat them. He helps with the fight against the red buddha alien guard, after it's blow is stopped by Kurono, and he later marvels at Kurono's skill with a two others , for his performance, with or without the suit, during both the Tanaka alien mission and Buddha alien mission. He helps kill some smaller buddha aliens with the help of Ryuuji. When the giant Buddha alien is about to step on the old visitor to the temple, Hojo follows Kato's lead in trying to stop the foot, and is crushed into the ground, but survives with the others due to their suits. After Kurono defeats the Giant Buddha alien, Hojo is made the leader of his own team by Kato after showing him how many targets are left on the X-radar.

Hojo and his team of five, including Sadayo, enter Kannon's room, but not before he requests to see Sadayo's pretty face again. One of his team tries to fight a statue, but injures his hand, and yet is still able to take down a statue, but has his head kicked off. Imploring the others to stay back and let him fight due to his suit, Hojo understands the grave situation, and tells the two without suits to escape and get the others' help. Asking for Sadayo's help, he affirms how they are the only ones who can deal with the aliens thanks to their suits. Suddenly, one of the statues slaps the gun out of Hojo's hand. Reacting quickly, he punches the statue hard, sending it flying into the wall, thanks to the superstrength of the suit. Asking Sadayo if she's alright, he notices Kannon get up, and tells Sadayo to run. When Kato and the others arrive at Kannon's room, Hojo and Sadayo have been cut half, presumably by Kannon. Showing his change of heart, Hojo willingly shares a kiss with Sadayo before dying with her, with Kato and the others opening the door to witness their passionate kiss, present even in death, locked together.

Abilities & SkillsEdit

Hojo is one of the few people (apart from Nishi and Kurono) to use the Radar Device to track and hunt the Aliens.

He is also able to use the X-Gun effectively and, being able to shoot some of the statues before his death. He was also able to use the Gantz suit effectively, using its strength to punch a statue.




  • Hojo can be seen in the official Gantz game and as a playable character. In the game he can be seen using a Gantz sword, though in the manga and anime he was never shown wielding the sword at all.
  • Despite being a minimal character, Kato had shown great trust in Hojo as shown in their partnership in the two missions he appears in. This can be seen when he made him the leader of a split group to take down the remaining alines in the Buddha Temple Mission. Kato had also grieved over his death which showed he cared about and trusted him.
  • Hojo was mentioned in the final chapter as one of many of their companions who've died during the events of the series.
  • Hojo's behavior around Sadako differs somewhat depending on the media. In the manga, he seemed pretty frightened of her as shown when he screamed after landing near her feet when the Boss Tanaka Alien sent him flying and again when she materialized behind him in the room during the start of the third mission. In the anime version he regards her more with annoyance rather than fright, and even ends up worrying for her safety during the Buddha mission (much to his own chagrin).
  • Hojo does not like girls with big breasts.
  • Hojo, though he denies being gay, is shown blushing when he sees the truck driver, who later is responsible for the crash that kills Hojo, in the bookstore.



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