Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Humans, Police
Personal Status
Status Unknown
First Appearance
Manga 108. Growth
Final Appearance
Movie Actor/Actress

Matsushima is a police agent who is a member of the SAT Team that is called to Kei Kurono's school.


Shorty Alien Mission ArcEdit

Matsushima and involuntary was about to make him be killed by Gantz]] was part of the SWAT team that went to Kurono's school due to the last-of-his-kind Chibi Alien's massacre on chapter 105, where Kurono's classmates where slaughtered, except for Izumi and Kojima.

They confront the alien but they took a high amount of casualties just to corner the alien. In the end they did, with Matsushima being the one who started the shooting, and seemingly the SWAT team has beaten him. Well, that wasn´t completely true (completely because he alien looked in fact weakened from the damage inflicted, but was faking). When a SWAT guy approached him he reacted and killed him instantly, scarring the crap of the other cops that were out of ammo and started being slaughtered. Then the alien tried to kill Kojima, but was immediately destroyed by Kurono.

He was among the few SAT members that survived the massacre, and to add to it, he actually saw Kurono firing a gun from the Room, what means Kurono would be executed. he was about to be killed in seconds when a fellow policeman approached Matsushima only to find out he was already dead, standing on the exact same position, just after witnessing Kurono kill the alien. Luckily for Kurono, with Matsushima's death no one else saw the gun, and he was saved from his death. Following this, the surviving SWAT started looking for survivors.



  • Although Matsushima only appeared for a few chapters along with the SAT, he was one of the ones who almost killed Kurono permanently, even if involuntary. Fortunately he didn't and the series could continue.

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