Mr Nagao
Pedophile Teacher
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Humans
Personal Status
Status Unknown
First Appearance
Manga 112. Scene of Torture
Final Appearance
Movie Actor/Actress

Mr. Nagao is a sports teacher at Hiroto Sakurai's school.

Appearance Edit

Mr Nagao is tall and has short black hair. He does the coaching style, Bara, having hair on his legs, around the butt and a huge amount on the genitals.

Personality Edit

While he initially seems to be an honest teacher that simply does his job, as seen when he was telling a student that they shouldn't run in the hallway, his true arbitrary nature is seen when he attempts to let Hiroto Sakurai's bullies force Hiroto to perform fellatio on the man[1].


Dinosaur Alien Mission ArcEdit

Mr Nagao is seen in the school hallway telling a student that they shouldn't run indoors, at which point he sees Hiroto's bullies dragging him into the boy's bathroom. Nagao follows them in, and while it initially seems as though he is going to stop them, he instead allows the bullies to force Hiroto to perform fellatio on him.[2] Agaki pushes Hiroto's head into Nagao's crotch in an attempt to make him perform fellatio, which causes Nagao to orgasm, but after Hiroto kill Agaki using his powers, he then causes Nagao's penis to bleed uncontrollably, blood pooling in his hand and around his feet as he grabs his penis and shouts in pain.[3]

Gallery Edit

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