Super Shooter by Rip Slyme


Last Kiss by Bonnie Pink


Anime SoundtrackEdit

In episode 1 Pie Jesu by Gabriel Faure is played before Gantz appears in the apartment.

In episode 1 Baikal by Tomoko Death is played in the background when the girl in Kurono's class noticed his boner. It also plays in episode 6, when Kurono buys the condoms.

In episode 1 It’s the beginning of a brand new day a 1940s radio exercise tune starts playing from the Black Ball.

In episode 2 Bubble by Tomoko Death is played in the background while the onion dad appears.

In episode 3 An Aurora by Tomoko Death is played in the background as Kurono and Kishimoto first confront the larger onion alien.

In episode 4 Titicaca by Tomoko Death is played when Kurono is back in his home.

Movie SoundtrackEdit

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