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Onion Alien Mission Arc
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Kei Kurono is a horny 15 year old teenager who is reading a swimsuit magazine while waiting for the subway to arrive. He gets bothered by an old lady and then notices a childhood friend on the platform Masaru Kato. At which point a homeless bum falls on the subway track. Kato notices that nobody is moving to help him, at which point he jumps down at tries to get the homeless man from the tracks. Since he can't do it alone he calls for help and notices Kei who is forced to act and help him remove the man from the track, together they succeed in rescuing the man, however now themselves are trapped on the track and the subway is approaching. It eventually catches up with them, ripping their bodies apart. Apparently killing them, yet right after their body parts hit the the ground and as panic breaks out, they disappear. Kei and Kato however suddenly appear inside a strange room.

Where there is a whole bunch of people who just died, a politician named Goro Suzuki, two yakuza named Kiyoshi Yoshioka and Hiroshi Hatanaka, a teacher named Masashi Yamada, a middle school student Joichiro Nishi, a blond guy named Takashi Inamori and a dog named Rice. They discuss were they are what happened to them, how they died and the fact that they can't get out of the apartment. When suddenly the black sphere in the room starts creating a beautiful young naked woman out of thin air who falls upon Kurono's body. The yakuza the grab her, intending to rape her, Kato however interferes and rescues her, and gives her his jacket to cover up with. While the struggle is going on the strange black sphere in the middle of the room starts playing this song A New Morning Has Come, A New Morning of Hope. On its screen appears a message to go out and kill someone, showing a picture of their target, the Kid Onion Alien. It also opens up and provides them with Gantz suits, three types of guns, and controllers.




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