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Rice (anime)
Race Dog
Age ?
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Gantz, Dog
Occupation Stray
Team Gantz (Tokyo)
Personal Status
Relatives Rice's Owner
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Manga 0001. An Incident
Final Appearance
Manga 0062. Gate & Failed Sneak Attack (cover)
Movie Actor/Actress

Rice is a dog which was seen at the start of the first three missions.



Rice, portrayed by Gantz during scoring


On more than one occasion, Rice attempts to lick Kishimoto Kei's vagina (which became a recuring gag) and causing  Kurono Kei to wonder if the dog was previously owned by a lonely housewife. Gantz nicknames him "Butter Dog", which is the name for a dog trained to do such a thing.

Rice appeared to understand what was happening around him in the world of Gantz, such as when Gantz shown everyone their scores, upon seeing that he had achieved zero points are being berated by Gantz to do something Rice appeared upset.

Rice also was able to warn the other players that there were more enemies to fight, such as when he started barking at the smaller statues during the Buddhist Temple mission.


According to Nishi Joichiro, he had accompanied his team on many missions, but had always done nothing and ended up with zero points.


Onion Alien MissionEdit

The animal is first seen at the beginning of the Onion Alien mission. When Kishimoto arrives and is sitting on the floor still confused due to the recent events, Rice tries to lick her vagina. At the beginning of the mission the dog wanders off and is summoned back to the room by Gantz upon the mission's ending. When it's time to score, the dog excitedly waits for his turn, after being rewarded 0 points by the black sphere, he appears to be depressed (which amuses Kurono).

Tanaka Alien Mission ArcEdit

Rice suit

Rice wearing his Gantz suit.

On their second mission together, Kishimoto Kei was seen putting his Gantz suit on him for protection.

Buddhist Temple Alien Mission ArcEdit

He was killed during the third mission after being stepped on by the Buddha boss alien.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Being a butter dog and barking.


  • Rice was abandoned by his owner during a walk, then hit by a dump truck and sent to Gantz's apartment, as stated by Hiroya Oku in a later interview.
  • He is one of the two animals to be transferred into the Gantz Apartment, the other being Hoi Hoi.
  • "I drew him based on the photo of a Border Collie I saw in a book about dogs," Oku Hiroya
  • Rice is one of the playable character in the GANTZ game, he can't use weapons but he knows how to use the Gantz suit.
  • In the anime his death was altered. Instead of being squashed by the big Buddha, one of the smaller Buddhas kills him with a club. Kurono and Sei see the corpse by the respective Buddha's feet. This also contrasts to the manga where no one ever acknowledged his death.



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