She is first seen in the Gantz room with her best friend Izumi and was then transported. Like many of the others during the Kappe mission, she didn't bother bringing her suit or any weapons and tried to leave with her friend. She asked her friend if she wanted to go to Shibuya, but panicked after seeing another player's head explode and tried to run, sadly having her own head inflate like a balloon and burst. 


Appearance Edit

She is quite pudgy and wears quite a bit of make up.

Personality Edit

Not much is know about Rika but what we can take away from her friend Izumi she can be seen as a little dumb and ditsy.

She can be seen as quite cowardly, running away from the area instead of staying there, as opposed to her friend Izumi, who lived much longer than her.

She also may know a bit about media as she recognized Reika right away.

Trivia Edit

She is the first female to run and have her head inflate and burst.


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