Ring Aliens




Characteristics Strong, Big
Likes Horses
Quotes N/A
Status Exterminated
Points 10
Manga Debut

Chapter 171

Anime Debut


Ring Aliens (????, ?????-Seijin) are a race of aliens that have taken refuge on the earth and therefore have become targets of a global alien extermination effort.



The Ring aliens were aliens resembling massive warriors wearing black armor and riding giant black horses. They relied heavily on their size and large bladed polearms.

This mission proved how effective the Hunters had become after training as a team with Kurono. The aliens themselves resemble an artwork piece called Death Dealer, by the artist Frank Frazetta.

They relied heavily on their size and giant bladed polearms. The Ring alien mission was in fact the shortest mission shown.

List of Ring Aliens and their HorsesEdit


Curiously, the Ring Aliens resemble in appearance the nine antagonists of the Peter's Jackson film "The lord of the ring", inspired by the fantasy book wrote by j.R.R.Tolkien. Even the name of the mission and the alien's name are a clare reference to the film

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