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Rowdy Alien
Rowdy Alien
Race Alien
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Buddhist Temple Aliens, Aliens
Occupation Statue
Personal Status
Status Dead
First Appearance
Manga 0059. Sex
Final Appearance
Movie Actor/Actress

Rowdy Alien is one of the third mission targets identified by the Tokyo black sphere.



Judging by his name, he was most likely a rowdy alien.


Rowdy Alien was the name designated to one of two large temple statues. These were opponents who were assigned to the team by the Gantz for the third mission. After giving the team some problems, Kurono was able to defeat them with the help of his friends. He ignored it once it was down and defeated, letting someone else do the killing shot, thus he got no points for this one.


Buddhist Temple Alien Mission

Abilities and PowersEdit





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