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Ryōta Sugihara
Small child
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Gantz, Humans
Occupation Alien Hunter
Team Gantz (Tokyo)
Personal Status
Relatives Ms. Sugihara, Kayo Sugihara
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Manga 0030. Road Disappearance
Final Appearance
Japanese Yumiko Kobayashi
English Kira Vincent-Davis
Movie Actor/Actress

Ryōta Sugihara is a little boy who first appears in the Gantz room before the start of the Tanaka Aliens mission, along with his Grandmother Kayo Sugihara.





Tanaka Alien Mission ArcEdit

Ryōta Sugihara is a young boy who died along with his grandmother in a car accident from the same truck that killed Hojo and Suzumura.

During the Tanaka mission, Ryota witnesses Nishi's death thanks to the Suzuki Alien, this causes him and his Grandmother along with two of the bikers to flee, only to have one of the biker's heads explode thanks to him leaving the safe zone.

Ryota's Grandmother abruptly pulls him away from the grisly sight and attempts to take him to safety, they eventually meet up with Kato, Hojo, Kushimoto (and an unseen Suzumura who is still stalking Hojo).

Kato tells him and his Grandmother to take shelter as he is unsure for how long they will be able to protect them from the aliens.

Fleeing to an seemingly deserted warehouse, Ryota complains that he needs to go to the bathroom, this forces him to take off his suit.

While re-leaving himself, one of the Suzuki Aliens comes up behind Ryota, upon seeing it Ryota screams for his Grandmother to help him and flees in fear.

His Grandmother tells him to run while she attempts to hold the Aliens off, Ryota however does not wish to leave his beloved Grandmother but is told to go.

While running away from the warehouse Ryota sees flashes of light coming from where his Grandmother is, he tries to convince a passing police officer on a bicycle to help his Grandmother.

Unfortunately the policeman is unable to see him, as is the case with all those trapped in Gantz's game.

Ryota returns to his Grandmother, trying to protect her from the aliens, he pleads with them not to hurt them but is ignored, he and his Grandmother embrace as she tells him not to worry.

The two of them are killed by the Alien's sonic blast attack, there bodies are later found by the other members of the team.


In the Anime, Ryota first appears staying at his Grandmother's house for the weekend. His Grandmother tells him they will go shopping for toys the next day much to Ryota's excitement.

The next day Ryota and his Grandmother are at the train station, Ryota impatiently presses the wrong button to receive a ticket for the wrong train, this annoys the other patrons at the station.

While being taken by to his mother's home Ryota and his grandmother, (along with Hojo and Suzumura) are killed by a drunk lorry driver asleep at the wheel and all four are transported to the Grantz room.

Abilities and PowersEdit






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