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Ryuichi Kazumi
Race Human
Age 17-18
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Humans
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga 24. Great Strength
Final Appearance
Manga 024. Great Strength
Japanese Yoshihisa Kawahara
English Jonathan Osborne
Movie Actor/Actress

Ryuichi Kazumi is a senior member of the karate club of the school that Kei Kurono attends.


Straight forward and righteous, Ryuichi does not tolerate anyone hurting members of the karate club. Though well meaning and willing to stand up to someone like Koji Tachibana and his gang.


Post-Onion Alien MissionEdit

During the same time that Masatomo Yonekura brought Kurono to Tachibana so that they could rough him up and extort money from him, another one of Tachibana's gang brought Ryuichi with him, informing his boss that he was a senior of a karate club member they hit up for money earlier. Walking up to Tachibana and giving him a fierce look, Ryuichi demands that the former return all the money they stole from the other club members. Tachibana, of course, brushes it off, which prompted the senior to try and take it back by force. Giving Kurono some reassuring words, the former immediately became impressed with his charisma and self-confidence.

Kurono's illusions were soon shattered when Tachibana easily defeated Ryuichi and kept hitting him in the face. This loosened his teeth, which Tachibana took great delight in taking out with his bare hands, causing the karate club member to cry and moan in pain. Despite this, Kurono still refused to pay a single yen and grabbed Tachibana's hands and made him lose all feeling in them and then lets them go. Kurono begins walking away and repeats to Ryuichi the same words he said to him upon arrival "Anyone who isn't a punk can now go home."


  • Appearance-wise, Ryuichi bears a great resemblance to Ryuu of the Street Fighter franchise as well as Kenshiro of Fist of the North Star.

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