Script error Shinsuke Sato (佐藤信介) is a Japanese film director, screenplay writer, and video game designer.

Filmography Edit

Year Original Japanese title English title Role
1997 Tôkyô yakyoku Tokyo Lullaby Writer
1998 Tadon to chikuwa (segment "Tadon") Writer
2000 Zawa-zawa Shimokita-sawa Writer
2000 Himawari Sunflower Writer
2001 Shura Yukihime The Princess Blade Writer, Director
2002 Rokkun rouru mishin Rock'n'Roll Mishin Writer
2003 Seventh Anniversary Writer
2005 Haru no yuki Snowy Love Fall in Spring, also known as Spring Snow screenplay
2005 Inu no eiga All About My Dog screenplay
2006 Kenchô no hoshi Star Reformer, also known as The Star of Prefecture Government Screenplay
2008 Sunadokei Sand Clock also known as Sand Chronicles Screenplay, director
2009 Hottarake no shima - Haruka to maho no kagami, also known as Hottrake no shima Oblivion Island: Haruka and the Magic Mirror Director
2011 Gantz live action films



Video game developerEdit

Year Game Role
2002 Tekken 4 Character and scenario developer
2005 Red Ninja: End of Honor Collaboration developer


  1. Script error

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