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Shiori Kishimoto
Race Human
Age 15
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Humans
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Mrs. Kishimoto (mother)
Kei Kishimoto (sister)
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga 0022. Duplication
Final Appearance
Japanese Kanako Mihashi
English Sasha Paysinger
Movie Actor/Actress

Shiori Kishimoto is Kei Kishimoto's younger sister.


Onion Alien MissionEdit

After Kei Kishimoto failed to get good grades, her mother stated she was worthless, and shifted all of her attention towards Shiori. This led to Kei's suicide attempt.

Shiori is first seen when she enters her house after a cloned Kei hangs the phone (which was originally intended for Shiori). She is seen later, this time talking to her mother who informs her of her sister's suicide attempt. Having just seeing her sister, Shiori is confused and tells her mother that Kei is in the house, causing the cloned Kei to quickly leave the house.

In the back of Gantz volume 9, she is quoted as saying:

"My sister is the overachiever, so I can just sit back and do nothing. But its hard for her. Our parents focused their entire expectations on her, and it drove her to try suicide. We didn't get along very well before then, but I started to feel sorry for her. Maybe it was all for the good because it helped bring our family together."

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