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Appearance Edit

Specimen Alien is an Human like Creature without Skin. It has 4 Arms an have big medical knowedge.

History Edit

After the Tiger Alien Mission Akari brngs her Boyfriend back. But before erveryone can go hme gantz starts the next Mission (like the tae Mission two Missions in a Row). The Specimen Alien is strng and like the Human Body. It kills a lot of gantzer also Akari and her Boyfriend. His Goal is it to get Human Skin to kill Kei Kurno before he enter the gantz Room. Ooki can deffeatthe ALien with the Y Gun in the End. The only survivors are Ooki, Nishi and Izumi.

List of other Aliens in this MissionEdit Edit

TriviaEdit Edit

  • Alien knows abut the katastrophe
  • Its verry sadistic
  • Use the Skin of Akaris Boyfriend to kill her

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