Like many series, Gantz chapters and episodes are broken into several unofficial story arcs. The manga itself however is divided into three Phases.

Overview of the SeriesEdit

Phase 1 MissionsEdit

Onion Alien Mission ArcEdit

This arc starts with two teenagers Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato dying while saving a homeless man named Takao Tadō. But instead of moving on they find themselves in a strange room along with 7 other people and a dog whom also apparently all recently died. They then get forced to hunt the Kid Onion Alien, whom after a chase gets found and killed by four of them who are then quickly killed again by the Adult Onion Alien. It then beats Masaru and then starts chasing Kurono before they manage to take it down and end the mission. Nishi one of the other survivors then tells them that they will return here in regular intervals to hunt aliens and that they are most likely copies of their original selves. They then go home and Kurono has difficulty trying to get used to his regular life again while another survivor Kei Kishimoto finds out that indeed she is a copy and winds up staying with Kurono as a pet, ending the arc.

Tanaka Alien Mission ArcEdit

Buddhist Temple Alien Mission ArcEdit

Kill Kei Kurono Mission Arc (filler)Edit

Shorty Alien Mission ArcEdit

Dinosaur Alien Mission ArcEdit

Ring Alien Mission ArcEdit

Kill Tae Kojima Mission ArcEdit

Oni Alien Mission ArcEdit

Nurarihyon Alien Mission Arc (prelude)Edit

Phase 2 KatastropheEdit

Nurarihyon Alien Mission Arc (remainder)Edit

Italian Alien Mission ArcEdit

The Invasion Begins Arc (beginning)Edit

Phase 3 InvasionEdit

The Invasion Begins Arc (remainder)Edit

Alien Ship Takeover Mission ArcEdit

United Rescue ArcEdit

Destroy the Tower Mission ArcEdit

The Final Challenge ArcEdit


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