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Yoshikazu Suzuki
Old man
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Gantz, Humans
Team Gantz (Tokyo)
Personal Status
Relatives Hanae Suzuki (wife, deceased)
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Manga 0134. Sweet Gift
Final Appearance
Manga 0292. International Tragedy

Yoshikazu Suzuki





Abilities & SkillsEdit

He arrives in the Gantz apartment after being killed in the massacre by Izumi. He and Reika are the only new arrivals who listen to Kurono, and wear their Gantz suit.

Best known as "Old Man"*. Not much is known about him except that he is a fairly old widower who has a grandson. Surprisingly, it doesn't take long for Kurono to grow attached to him and vice versa. He sees Kurono as a role model, and even gives his 100 points to revive his friend Masaru Kato so that Kei may leave the game. He sees Kurono as the world's hope for "survival." He has saved Kei's life multiple times and he emulates Kei. After Kei dies however, it seems as if his morale lowers and he sides with the majority on not trying to help others because it was too dangerous. In the battle of Nurarihyon both of his arms are lost. After the defeat of the Nurarihyon, he has invited Kaze Daizaemon and Takeshi to stay at his place.

During the Italian mission, he saves fellow teammate Inaba from being killed by the Roman Statue aliens, however in the process he himself is killed. Having earned enough points for the hundred point menu to appear, Reika tried reviving him once their mission ended but Gantz had a system malfunction and could not do it. Everyone leaves, but Reika returns to the room alone remembering her clothing and sees a bald naked man standing near the Gantz ball, (presumably the same man that has been within the Gantz ball). He offers to "load up" the person Reika had earlier tried to revive. Reika starts to ask him to revive Suzuki but stops, deciding to ask for a copy of Kurono instead.

In chapter 370 when Kurono challenges the Second Aliens on whether or not God truly exists they elect to prove that human beings are just things. Three bodies begin to form in reverse starting with the heart and then the musculature. By the end it is clear they are resurrecting the three that Kurono named. Reika, Suzuki "Old Man" Yoshikazu and Kei Kishimoto. Whether or not they will be the same as before is unknown.


  • The character's nickname in Japanese, "occhan", is not as rude-sounding in Japanese as "Old Man", and may have been better translated to something like "gramps".


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