Takao Tadō
Drunk Homeless Bum
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Humans
Occupation Homeless Bum
Personal Status
Status Unknown (in manga),
Death (in anime)
First Appearance
Manga 001. An Incident
Final Appearance
English James Faulkner
Movie Actor/Actress

Takao Tadō is a drunken homeless man who falls on the subway track prompting Masaru Kato to save him. He can't move him alone and he calls out to Kei to help him.


Onion Alien MissionEdit

He is seen swaggering on the subway station and falling on the subway track. When station attendants don't show up, Masaru Kato jumps in after him and tries to lift him up but he can't move him alone. He calls out for someone to help him, but people just stand and stare. He eventually spots his old friend and classmate Kei Kurono who reluctantly helps. They lift him up and his pulled on the platform, they however are not so lucky and can't make it up in time, sending them on a collision course with the subway.

After both teenagers die, he wakes up telling the horrified witnesses to "shut up" as he starts walking away before a clearly disturbed man explains the duo's sacrifice.


  • He never appears again in the manga after the first chapter. In the anime, he does reappear along with another bum being beaten to death by Hajime Muroto and Ryuji Kajiura during the Buddha Mission. Kato and the others try to help him escape, but the hobo hunters catch up to him and Kajiura kills him with a swift blow to the head. Kurono, Kato, Kishimoto, and Sei later find the bodies which causes Kato's resolve to waver before Kurono snaps him out of it.

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