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Takashi Inamori
Race Human
Age 20
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Gantz, Humans
Occupation preparatory school student
Personal Status
Status Dead
First Appearance
Manga 001. An Incident
Final Appearance
Manga 020. Scoring (seen as a picture, named blondie)
Japanese Susumu Chiba
English Jay Hickman
Movie Actor/Actress

Takashi Inamori (稲森隆) is a blond, 20 year old guy who showed up in the Gantz room before the Onion Alien mission began.



When Yamada Masashi tried to get everyone in the room to tell their names, ages, what they did when they were alive and how they died, he refused to do so. Instead, he kept asking for cigarettes. Kurono thought that Inamori had a girly face.

During the mission Inamori was careless with the weapons. When he first picked up an X-Gun he pulled a single trigger while pointing it at Masashi, avoiding killing him only by chance. He also pointed the rifle at Hatanaka Hiroshi, making him angry, and demolished a wall when he missed shooting the Onion Alien. He later killed Hatanaka by accidentally shooting him when the big onion alien used his body as a shield to block the X-rifle.


He is preparatory school student who snuck into a construction site to steel some copper wire and bronze finishes to sell, regretfully for him one of the workers knocks down a steel beam which falls down like an arrow into Takashi's body.

898627-vlcsnap 251129

Inamori in the anime.


Onion Alien Mission ArcEdit

Takashi Inamori is first seen in the Tokyo room along with the Yakuza Hiroshi Hatanaka and Kiyoshi Yoshioka, Masashi Yamada, the dog Rice and middle schooler Joichiro Nishi, by childhood friends Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato. After being transported out of the room he along with the yakuza and Yamada goes after the Kid Onion Alien and kills it with them before its father the Adult Onion Alien shows up and sliches open his stomach killing him.


  • The anime altered his death scene. Instead of being bifurcated like in the manga, the onion dad kills him immediately upon its arrival, tearing his head off before he knows what's happening and kicking the corpse aside (bizarrely, despite the headless body being shown, the head itself is nowhere to be seen). Due to this change, Yamada is the one to kill Hatanaka in the anime. This change was probably made in order to immediately establish just how dangerous the onion dad was in contrast to his son.



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