Tanaka Alien Mission


Eggs and Infants + 13 Adult Aliens vs
13 Hunters
Mission Information
Start of the Mission Chapter 034
End of the Mission Chapter 053
Mission Duration 20 Chapters
Mission Guide
Onion Alien Mission
Buddhist Temple Alien Mission

Mission ObjectiveEdit

In this mission, the alien that appeared on the Gantz screen was most likely the Shopping Tanaka Alien since the Black Sphere directly transported the players to him. Again the shown alien was made out to be the sole target of this mission which it wasn't.




The second mission charged the Hunters with the task of eliminating a doll-like entity called Tanaka Alien (田中星人 Tanaka-Seijin). The dolls were merely robotic shells that allowed a species of bird-like aliens to live in the human world - they were unable to breathe in our atmosphere without their doll-like suits. Initially, the aliens were not openly hostile, wandering around with numerous small, bird-like creatures. They only began attacking when Nishi accidentally stepped on one of their bird companions. Their main attack was a high-pitched sonic blast, emitted from the mouths of their suits. The attack caused hemorrhaging from the eyes and ears. The aliens were also extremely fast, able to dodge attacks with ease and travel underwater. When their outer shells were damaged, they emerged in their bird forms to continue fighting, though they could only survive for a short period of time in Earth's atmosphere (strangely enough, the tiny birds are able to breathe without any devices). The 'boss' of the Tanaka aliens resembled a more massive specimen of the species, and depended on pipes inserted into its mouth to breathe. Kurono Kei defeats this 'boss' by breaking its gas pipes and shooting it down in midair.




  • Before the start of this mission, it has been the only mission seen thus far where a player is killed before the actual game starts.
  • Tanaka was named after Seiji Tanaka, a folk singer from the 1970s whose song lyrics were often quoted by the aliens.
  • Even though it is spelt like Tanaka everybody says it as Suzuki.
  • None of the biker gang can get his name right. They call him Yamada, Sato, and Yoshida. Tetsuo is the only one to get it right (though in the English version of the anime he did once get it wrong by calling him Subaru, and no one corrects him).
  • People speculate how Nishi was killed so easily, as he has survived many games before and got killed by such a weak enemy. One reason for this is that he got shot before the game began, which made the suit weak, or indeed Nishi's luck had ran out.

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