Tanaka Aliens




Characteristics Strong, Fresh Bird
Likes Birds, Chocolate
Quotes "Hah Hah Hah"
Status Exterminated
Points 5
Manga Debut

Chapter 034

Anime Debut

Episode 09

Tanaka Aliens (田中星人, Tanaka-Seijin) are a race of aliens that have taken refuge on the earth and therefore have become targets of a global alien extermination effort.



The second mission charged the Hunters with the task of eliminating a doll-like entity called Tanaka Alien (田中星人 Tanaka-Seijin). The dolls were merely robotic shells that allowed a species of bird-like aliens to live in the human world - they were unable to breathe in our atmosphere without their doll-like suits. Initially, the aliens were not openly hostile, wandering around with numerous small, bird-like creatures. They only began attacking when Kurono accidentally stepped on one of their bird companions. Their main attack was a high-pitched sonic blast, emitted from the mouths of their suits. The attack caused hemorrhaging from the eyes and ears. The aliens were also extremely fast, able to dodge attacks with ease and travel underwater. When their outer shells were damaged, they emerged in their bird forms to continue fighting, though they could only survive for a short period of time in Earth's atmosphere (strangely enough, the tiny birds are able to breathe without any devices). The 'boss' of the Tanaka aliens resembled a more massive specimen of the species, and depended on pipes inserted into its mouth to breathe. Kurono Kei defeats this 'boss' by breaking its gas pipes and shooting it down in midair.

List of Tanaka AliensEdit


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