Tanaka Aliens' Boss
Race Alien
Professional Status
Affiliation Aliens
Personal Status
Status Dead
First Appearance
Manga 46. Inside the Apartment
Final Appearance
Movie Actor/Actress

The Tanaka Aliens' Boss is seen sitting inside a room in abandoned apartment surrounded by Tanaka Alien Eggs.

Tanaka's Boss alien is an extremely tall, muscular and large stature anthropomorphic bird-like creature, which was overseeing the birth of many eggs of its breed.

The alien was capable of flight and able to cause much destruction with the use of its sheer force alone, and unlike the rest of the Tanaka Aliens, it did not possess a cybernetic suit to protect it, instead having some form of breathing apparatus with two tubes going into its mouth. It also did not use any form of the shriek attack which the other Tanaka Aliens used.


Tanaka Alien MissionEdit

He is seen looking at Kei Kurono who has been surrounded by the Apartment Tanaka's on the second floor of an abandoned apartment building which he was forced to explore on Haruya Numata and Tetsuo Nemoto's orders.

Tanaka's Boss Gallery Edit


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