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Tetsuo Nemoto
Tetsuo Gantz wiki
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Humans
Occupation Motor rider
Personal Status
Relatives Haruka Nemoto (Wife)
Eikichi Nemoto (Son)
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Manga 29. Clan
Final Appearance
Japanese Masahito Kawanago
English Jason Douglas
Movie Actor/Actress

Tetsuo Nemoto was the leader of the Zoku Biker Gang, which all get killed by a rival gang, and he and three of his fellow gang members get transported to the room.



His appearance in the anime and manga have a big difference. In the manga, he acts like his other gang members and harasses Kishimoto, and goes to peek at her when she gets changed, being stopped by Kato before he can do anymore. He later tries to rape Kishimoto after everyone else has transferred out of the room, thinking that he and Kishimoto were the last ones left. After getting his pants down and being in the process of undressing her, he gets transferred out of the room. He is as vulgar and uncaring as the other bikers.

In the anime he is much different. He hates Haruya from the get go and says 'no it sucks being an asshole' in retort from Haruya saying 'it must suck being a biker with a wife'. He gets violent with his fellow bikers when they badmouth his family and later stops the other bikers from raping Kishimoto when she goes back alone to change, saying it isn't right, and gets in an argument with them. He also cares about his family more in the anime and appreciates the value of life more. In addition, Tetsuo and his fellow gang members are shown to have jobs as construction workers, which was never brought up in the manga.

In the anime he says he will help Nishi if he apologizes for killing Kosuke, showing that, in this version, he does care somewhat for his fellow bikers. In the manga he just laughed and never mentioned anything about Kosuke. Another difference is that while in the manga, when Ryota starts sobbing after Nishi's death, Tetsuo, along with Haruya, demands that he stops or he'll kill him; the anime version changed the scene to the bikers having an argument about children's naivety (with neither of the Sugiharas being there) and how Tetsuo couldn't do anything to stop Kosuke and Kinji's deaths.



Tanaka Alien Mission ArcEdit

During the Tanaka alien mission, Tetsuo and Haruya force Kurono at gunpoint to go through the house to check for Tanaka aliens. In the anime Tetsuo is displeased with Haruya when he does this. Tetsuo's exact line when Haruya is 'you're a real piece a' shit you know that?' although he goes along with it anyway and does nothing to help Kurono even after Haruya stops holding him at gunpoint. His friend was decapitated by the boss alien, but Tetsuo survived the mission. He scored no points during that mission, and Gantz referred to him as Freak Parade #1, or Putt Putt Group #1, which insults Tetsuo (though in the anime his reaction is far less agitated).

After the Tanaka mission, he leaves with an X-gun. He tries to give it to a debt collector named Iwaki to pay off his debt, then uses it to kill him when he refuses it. He then goes after rival biker gang members with it. For attracting too much attention, Gantz stops the x-gun from working, and makes Tetsuo's head explode.

In the anime, the circumstances surrounding his death are far more sympathetic. After killing Iwaki and returning home, his wife and he get into an argument when he learns that he was fired from his construction job for not showing up. She also gets angry that his phone was turned off and that she couldn't reach him, and accuses him of adultery. Fed up, Tetsuo points his x-gun at her and threatens to kill her. Thinking that it's just a toy, she dares him to, but he is unable to go through with it after their child wakes up. He later goes out for milk (since his wife can't breast feed due to inhaling too much paint thinner) and is surrounded by the same gang members who killed him before. It is suggested in this version that he's trying to end his life (even though he still has the x-gun with him), as he asks himself 'Why am I doing this?'. He then screams 'Tell me why, Gantz!' and Gantz blows his head up, with Kishimoto's words about there being bombs inside their heads echoing in his mind. The tragedy is intensified when his wife phones him as he's dying, telling him to come home since she is finally capable of breast-feeding. His last words before he dies are 'No need for me anymore'. Also, unlike the manga when his brain only explodes on the inside, here his entire head is blown off.

Abilities and PowersEdit


Gallery Edit


  • Tetsuo is the first hunter to be shown dying outside a mission (after a previous mission) and also the first character to be killed for 'revealing the secrets' of Gantz.
  • Tetsuo is the only character to appear in the anime whose personality and overall character differ completely from his manga counterpart.
  • Tetsuo's name (and the fact that he is the head of a motorcycle gang) is most likely an allusion to the famous movie Akira.
  • In addition to Haruya, Kinji, and Kosuke, there are two other members of Tetsuo's biker gang seen when they force a boy to pull his father's pants down to humiliate him (in chapter 29/episode 6). They don't appear again in either the manga or anime after their debut scene.
  • He is referred to by his fellow bikers as Tecchan (changed to Tetsu in the English anime, leaving out the "o" in his name).
  • After his death, his absence from the room during the start of the third mission is never commented on or acknowledged in the manga. The anime had Kurono note his absence, speculating (correctly) that he may have died for real in between missions.



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