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Unknown Girl from Cover 100
Unknown Girl from Cover 100
Race Human
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Humans
Personal Status
Status Unknown
First Appearance
Manga 0100. Time Limit
Final Appearance
Movie Actor/Actress

Unknown Girl from Cover 100 is a girl in a heavily damaged soft suit on the cover of Chapter 100.


Shorty Alien Mission ArcEdit

She is seen on the cover of chapter 100 in a heavily damaged soft suit whit an x-gun holster and x-gun on it. She is also covered with wounds and alien goo's. Her face looks frightened and is bleeding from two wounds and has alien goo on it. Her suit is damaged in such a way to show of her neck, bits of upper boob and a large portion of underboob, parts of her arms and legs and a huge part of her tummy, side and back which even shows us her pubic hair.

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