I like Gantz, its not my favourite manga ever, its up their with Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Akira, Fairy Tail and Kenichi. But its pretty cool, more body parts flying per page, than there are sections to each one! A fair dosage of sex, not that im that concerned about it, im not a homosexual or anything or a hopeful virgin (Virgin is okay right? i mean Gantz has to be 18+ this is like a pedia for Gantz? tell me if im wrong), likeable characters but which die too soon (Kei,Suzuki, Sei whatever her name is and Reika in my opinion, i liked her personality) a good storyline and cool aliens. I enjoy Kei Kurono's development too. This may sound like a review to some, but i see it as more of a conclusion, as one of, if not, presumably the last fight draws near, there are quite a few questions to be answered.

But before question time, i must say, im looking forward to Kei fighting Eeva Gund in the upcoming chapter.

Okay here we go:

1. What about "Host Samurai" and his vampire buddies? They just walked away for a while, im pretty sure they must have some pivotal role left.

2. The second aliens, in the room of truth, as much as they answered, i felt like something important was missing.

3. Relationships: Really? thats the end of Reika? we need some sort of happy ending there! and more! for others!

4. I know its "not Gantz" but some people died, they can be revived i hope. They deserve a happy ending.

5. How all those aliens actually came to sit around on Earth, there must be some ulterior motive probably involving Sebastian and the Second Aliens.

6. I hated Izumi, he was a jerk, but i really want him and Kei to have a suit showdown, Goku and Vegeta style!

7. The ruler of the world or whatever Nishi spoke about, who will it be?

8. Will Kei become Humanities hero if he wins his fight against Eeva Gund? (Hinting from the caption on the last page of chapter 377? I think?)

9. Dunno if it was explained but; the reason why the Catastrophe aliens fled their planet, and will they get along with humans? I saw some stuff between that Alien who helped Kei find Tae. In a non-race prejudice kind of way, she didnt view humans as food nor animals, just people.

10. The origin of Sakurai's powers. I mean? what the? was it just an addition to give someone unique abilities to go with it or what? Surely it has a purpose and reason??

Comments are welcome.

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