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The first volume of Gantz. Contains chapters 1 through 10.

Volume 1 Cover

Chapter listEdit

001. An Incident Edit

1x01 Cover

Chapter 1

Page count: 43

In a underground train station. Kurono Kei, a Japanese freshman (10th Grader by their standards) is looking at a skinfold of a beautiful swimsuit model when an old lady asks for directions. Kurono tells her to piss off while negatively surveying the rest of the people waiting for their trains. He coincidentally ends up standing next to his childhood friend Kato Masaru, but thinks he's probably a "shit bag" now. Suddenly a drunk homeless bum falls down on the tracks and after a moment's hesitation by the bystanders, Kato goes to rescue him but is unable to carry him off himself. He locks eyes with Kurono and convinces him to help. The two manage to lift the bum but are too late to save themselves from getting hit by an incoming express train. The crowd watches the duo get beheaded by the train but are mystified by the bodies and blood disappearing the next moment.

Kurono and Kato meanwhile appear undamaged in an apartment room with a group of people and a dog are sitting down near an apparent dark ball in the middle of the room. A man comes up to them asking, "Were you boys... about to die too?"

Character appearancesEdit

002: The Enigma Room Edit

File:1x02 Cover.jpg

Page count: 31

Kato and Kurono are still in disbelief as the man repeats his question and collapse, thinking they escaped the worst. An elderly man(Goro Suzuki) thinks that they're in heaven as he was just in his hospital room battling cancer. Kurono doubts this as he still has all of his bodily functions. The two soon realize that Tokyo Tower is visible from a huge window and attempt to leave. However, they can't communicate with the outside world(phones show no signals), can't escape(windows and doors are locked) and are unnoticed by neighbors, no matter how much noise they make.

After a marked silence by the group, the man who first spoke to the teenagers, makes an attempt to know everyone better. He introduces himself as Yamada Masashi, a 1st grade teacher killed riding his scooter. Kurono and Kato introduce theirselves, while Kurono blames Kato for their deaths. A blonde(Inamori) declines. Nishi Jichiro, an 8th grader, explains he fell to his death and a shady group of men(Hatanaka Hiroshi and Yoshioka Kiyoshi) in the corner identify themselves as Yakuza. Kato tells Kurono reflect on their childhood before being interrupted by Yamada searching for a camera, believing this must be a reality TV show. The search is stopped by the sudden materialization of a naked blond girl in front of Kurono.

Character appearancesEdit

003: The Naked Suicide GirlEdit

1x03 Cover

Chapter 3

Page count: 18

The girl collapses into Kurono, who in a sexually aroused state, kisses her. Several in the room scold him for that action. They notice blood dripping from her wrists and think suicide brought her here. The girl wakes up, takes in her surroundings and collapses, naked on the floor, still a bit out of it. Hatanaka grabs her by an arm, and drags her off to a backroom to rape her, warning others to stay back. After some hesitation, everyone intimidated by the criminal, Kato rushes back there to save her, pulling the man away from her and choking him. The black ball suddenly starts up a theme "A New Morning Has Come, A New Morning of Hope", stopping the altercation.

Character appearancesEdit

004: The Black Ball's OrdersEdit

1x04 Cover

Chapter 4

Page count: 18

The group convergences in front of the black ball, which is displaying the following messages: "Your Lives Have Ended." "How You Use Your New Lives Is Entirely Up To Me." "That's The Theory, Anyways" with some of the letter backwards.

The others wonder what this stuff means, guessing at some different types of TV shows. While Nishi warns ominously that if taken seriously, the message can actually be really scary. Back in the hallway, Butter Dog begins to lick the blonde's crotch and arouses Kurono. Kato gives her his jacket to wear and he goes back into the room with Kurono. On the ball is a small-creature called the Onion Alien with the guys all wondering what's going on. While Kurono is looking at the back of the ball, different guns pop out from two of the sides.

While looking at the guns, Yamada notices that there's a man inside the ball. The man looks elderly, bald, and seems to be on some sort of life support system. Kurono sees a case with his name on it, as well as Kato's and the rest. Inside the cases are black suits, which look like some sort of cosplay. Kurono sees that Nishi is wearing a black suit under his normal clothes. Inamori takes one of the guns, puts it by Yamada's neck, and pulls the trigger. This of course scares Yamada, but in actually it's only a X-ray. To the surprise of Yoshioka, Hatanaka begins to disappear right in front of everyone. He reappears in some nearby street. While back at the room, a timer set to one hour begins to tick on the ball.

Character appearancesEdit

005: IllusionEdit

1x05 Cover

Chapter 5

Page count: 18

One by one, the men are teleported to a location overseeing the city. Some of them take weapons before materializing. Kurono is the last to go and attempts to put on his suit, but the blonde walks in with him nude. With one-half of him in the room and another outside, he manages to pick up his equipment and get dressed.

When everyone is together again, Nishi reveals that his father is the producer of this show and offers a 10 million yen prize. He also says that they've been scouted by the government to find actors in alien costumes. Before departing, Nishi hands out an GPS with the location of their prey. Kurono tells Nishi he can't believe they're being hypnotized, but Nishi simply asks him if he was visited by someone briefly before his "death" and suddenly remembers the old lady. Everyone except Kurono, Kei, the cancer patient and the blonde rush to find the Onion alien before time runs out. They find their GPS' don't work. Yamada, doing a door-by-door search, finds a mailpost marked "onion" and knocks on the door. By luck, it's their target.

Character appearancesEdit

006: Encounter With the Onion AlienEdit

1x06 Cover

Chapter 6

Page count: 18

The hunters gang around the Onion Alien, who's eating a celerary stick while repeating "Two is enough for me." They commend the "actor" on his skills and costume. Meanwhile, the blonde questions Kato and Kurono on what is going on. Kato offers her a walk home and reveals that, to Kurono's disappointment, she is attracted to Kato.

Back with the alien, the gang wonder how to end the game, but keep getting interrupted by the Onion throwing snot at them. An X-Ray of it reveals a image that is cetetnaily not a human, but nobody comments. Some of it ends up on Hiroshi's jacket and in rage, punches the actor. That promopts him to run up a flight of stairs and jump off face-first into the cement below, right in front of the blonde, Kato and Kurono. Kato attends to the bloodied actor immendently but it is chased off by the other men.

Character appearancesEdit

007: InharmonicEdit

1x07 Cover

Chapter 7

Page count: 16

Goro, seperated from everyone else, attempts to hitch a ride but no car stops or even notices him. He resolves to walk to the nearest station. As he continues on his journey, he hears a buzzing noise, seemigly coming from his head that continues to raise in intensity. Goro takes one more step forward as his head explodes without warning.

The actor tries to reason with the mob, who mock him. Kato goes to rescue him, leaving Kato to walk the blonde home. One of the men eventually trap the actor near a lightpost and pulls the triggers on his weapon. After a second's delay, the wall and post explode, but not before his target dodged it. Trapped yet again, the actor cuts Hiroshi's pants, which enrages the men. They all point and pull the triggers on their guns as Kato arrives on the scene, too late to stop them.

Character appearancesEdit

008: SlaughterEdit

1x08 Cover

Chapter 8

Page count: 16

After the time delay, the actor's body explodes, leaving just his torso and head. A blood-stained Hiroshi, bends down and blows up it's head, asking Kato, "You got a problem?" The men justify themselves by saying it wasn't even human, bringing up the x-ray and question if they are even in a TV show while Kato weeps.

Character appearancesEdit

009: Eichmann TestEdit

1x09 Cover

Chapter 9

Page count: 17

Yamada and Kato throw up at the sight of the dead thing. Hiroshi picks up the corpse and notices it's still moving. Yamada, screams that this whole thing was a Eichmann Test. The blonde guy looks up and notices a boy on a nearby balcony is watching them. But then the dark-haired child screams to his mom that a wall is broken up(as in the wall that exploded two chapters ago), revealing that the kid cannot see the men at all, like the ending on the movie Sixth Sense. Suddenly, the apparent father of the Onion Alien shows up behind them, crying at the sight of his son's corpse. Hiroshi unfazed askes the newcomer "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU STARING AT?".

Character appearancesEdit

010: RageEdit

1x10 Cover

Chapter 10

Page count: 21

Kurono and the blonde continue their way home, but stop when they hearing the buzzing noise. Kurono, already angered because of the constant mention of Kato, leaves to find the others. Moments later, the blonde returns to him after finding the old man's body. Kurono suggests finding Nishi.

The Onion Dad screams in Hiroshi's face, who in fear makes the foolish mistake of headbutting him. The alien then grasps the gangster's face with his hand, attempting to crush his skull. Hiroshi begs for his life and pisses in his pants. The blonde, trying to use the element of suprise, pulls the triggers at the Onion Dad, who uses Hiroshi as a shield, who a moment later explodes.

Character appearancesEdit

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