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Yaete Kato
Age mid-40's
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Humans
Personal Status
Relatives Masaru Kato (son)
Ayumu Kato (son)
Kiichi Kato (husband)
Chikako Matsura (sister; manga, sister-in-law; anime)
Yukihiko Matsura (nephew)
Masahiko Matsura (nephew)
Satoshi Matsura (brother-in-law)
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Manga 0028. Returned (picture only)
Final Appearance
Manga 0089. Brother (picture only)
Movie Actor/Actress

Yaete Kato was the mother of Masaru and Ayumu Kato and Kiichi's wife. She and her husband died a few years prior to the main story after giving birth to Ayumu.


While they have never appeared directly in the actual story, Masaru and Ayumu keep a picture of their parents with them in their bedroom while staying with their abusive aunt. They eventually take the photo with them after Masaru returns from the dead.


  • While Yaete was blood related to Chikako in the manga, the anime made her husband Kiichi the direct relative.

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